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80 Rupees


Traveling across the Great Sea

The Sail, also referred to as the Boat's Sail, is an item in The Wind Waker.

The Wind Waker

When Link first visits Windfall Island, he can find a shop that is owned and managed by Zunari. He recently traveled to Windfall, and his first item to sell is the Sail so that he can raise funds.[1] When Link comes to the shop, he can purchase the Sail for 80 Rupees.[2] With the Sail, Link can travel across the Great Sea and explore locations unreachable before. If Link holds the Wind Waker and the song Wind's Requiem, he can change the directions of the wind in order to travel to different routes during his travels on the sea.

In the HD remake of The Wind Waker, the Sail can be upgraded to the Swift Sail. This Swift Sail travels much faster than the ordinary sail. Furthermore, the wind is always at this sail's back, meaning Link doesn't have to worry about changing the wind direction anymore. It can be found up for auction at the Auction House on Windfall Island. Because it is an auction, purchasing prices vary.


  1. "From the looks of you, I would say you are a traveler as well. Oh, yes indeed! ...Could you not purchase that from me? It is my one and only heirloom from home. The people of this town do not seem the least bit interested in that, despite the fact that it would help them travel the dangerous seas about their town... Please! I beg of you! I wish to open a business here in this town, so I am in desperate need of finances!" — Zunari, The Wind Waker.
  2. "How does...80 Rupees sound? I'll buy it I don't need it" — Zunari, The Wind Waker.