Lanno Kooh Shrine

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Lanno Kooh Shrine



Inside a cave along the Hebra Falls river in the Hebra Mountains






Lanno Kooh Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


This Shrine may be a little difficult to spot, due to the fact that it's located in a small cave through which the frosty Hebra Falls is flowing. Since the water is bitterly cold and will deal damage to Link if he falls in, this shrine can be difficult to reach. There are multiple methods to reach the shrine.

  • If you have enough health, simply take the damage by swimming in the water over to the shrine. When you step onto the activation platform, do not heal yourself. This is a Blessing, so no puzzle-solving or fighting required. When you speak with Lanno Kooh, he will refill your hearts.
  • A very long method is to follow the river way up to the northwest, to its source. Here there are some dead trees that can be chopped down and dropped into the water. Link can follow the log down the river and jump onto it after it falls down the waterfall. If Link falls in the water, he can quickly climb back up. The log will eventually pass by the shrine.
  • The easiest method requires some stamina. Stand to the east of the shrine and carefully use Cryonis to create an ice block so that it is between the wall and the shrine. Then grab hold and climb along the side of the wall. Keep climbing until Link is above the ice block and then drop down. From there, use the Paraglider to reach the shrine.

Lanno Kooh's Blessing

The shrine itself is just a blessing. There is a single treasure chest that contains a Gold Rupee. Run ahead to the altar to meet with Lanno Kooh, who will give Link a Spirit Orb.