Mo'a Keet Shrine

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Mo'a Keet Shrine



East side of the Foothill Stable in Eldin Canyon








Mo'a Keet Shrine, also known as Metal Makes a Path, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The shrine can be found just northeast of the Foothill Stable, within the Eldin province.

Metal Makes a Path

Once you start the shrine, run to the far right on the lower level. Look up at the ceiling to find four destructible blocks. Shoot them with a Bomb Arrow to break the boulders, causing a treasure chest to fall down. Open it up to get a Ruby. Alternatively, if you don't have a bomb arrow, there is a metallic boulder later in the shrine that can be used to break this blocks.

Run up to the nearby ramp and use Stasis on the boulder right when it falls down. This will allow Link enough time to run up the ramp and avoid the boulder.

Turn to the right and you'll find a metallic boulder rolling down the ramp. Grab it with Magnesis when it comes nearby. You can carry it, or place it to the side, making sure it doesn't fall down into the abyss. Then run up the ramp and open the treasure chest to get a Royal Broadsword or a Knight's Broadsword.

The left ramp leads up to the altar, but there are a series of boulders that are falling down at the same time. Link will need to use stasis or the large metallic boulder and push the boulders, as they start to roll down the ramp. Keep distance between Link and the metallic boulder to push all the boulders towards the altar.

Once you are in the clear, run over to the altar to meet Mo'a Keet and get a Spirit Orb.