Mo'a Keet Shrine

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Mo'a Keet Shrine

Mo'a Keet Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Metal Makes a Path

On your starting platform, look at the ceiling over the far corner for some destructible blocks. Use a bomb arrow (or come back with the magnetic boulder we'll get in just a minute) to destroy the blocks and open the chest (Ruby) that falls.

Now, when the first rock is out of your way, use Stasis and run up to the next platform.

To the right, grab the boulder with Magnesis and set it aside, then run up and open the chest (Royal Broadsword; Attack Up +17).

Take the magnetic boulder (and go open the first chest if you need to), then use it to block other boulders from rolling on you as you head to the altar for a Spirit Orb.