Qua Raym Shrine

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Qua Raym Shrine



On a small islet within Goronbi Lake in Eldin Canyon






Qua Raym Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The shrine is located at the east end of Goronbi Lake. Link can reach it by gliding down from a higher elevation, or using Magnesis on the blocks just to the north, creating a makeshift bridge for him to cross.

A Balanced Approach

There are two balance scales straight ahead, with the one on the left having a box. Use your Bow and shoot a Fire Arrow at the box, lighting it on fire and causing it to burn. This will lower the other scale, allowing Link to reach the chest that contains a Small Key. Alternatively, if Link does not have Fire Arrows, another solution is to throw weapons onto the platform with the crate to lower it to where Link can climb onto the platform, where he can then destroy the wooden box and recover the thrown weapons.

Use the key on the locked door to find three metal cubes. There is an optional treasure chest to collect which involves the scales on the left side of the room from where Link first entered the shrine. Place a metal cube on the scale on the left, causing it to come all the way down. Then place that same metal block next to the staircase and use it to get on top of the scale. While on the scale, use Magnesis and move the metal cube to the other scale, causing Link to move up to the top of the shrine. Open the chest to get a Knight's Claymore or a Royal Claymore.

Back in the main part of the room, place one of the metal cubes on the same platform where the small key treasure chest was located. Then place a second metal cube on the other scale. Then grab the third metal cube and while standing next to the opened treasure chest, place it on the other scale. The scale will rise, but with the metal cube next to Link, it will prevent Link from hitting the spikes up above.

While on the scale, place a remote bomb at the very edge of the scale and move as far away as possible before detonating it. Once the blocks are gone, run over to the altar and speak with Qua Raym to get the Spirit Orb.