Lake Intenoch

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Lake Intenoch is a large body of water fed from a Hot Spring in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Lake Intenoch is located north of the Foothill Stable and just east of the Maw of Death Mountain, within the Eldin province. It's a thermal waters lake, and Link will recover hearts if he submerges in it.

The warm waters allow for rare Sizzlefin Trout to swim around. Additionally there are some other warm-weather bugs around, including Fireproof Lizards, Warm Darners, and Summerwing Butterflies.

At the far northeast end of the lake, Broca Island sits in the middle of the lake. This small island has a Korok Seed puzzle requiring the use of Magnesis. Just south of the island, on the much higher elevation above the Lake, there is an enemy Bokoblin camp. There is a treasure chest at the top of the base that contains a Claymore weapon.


Nearby Korok Seeds

Complete the puzzle using Magnesis.

Solve the Magnesis block puzzle.

Tears of the Kingdom

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  • Lake Intenoch is the second largest thermal body of water in Breath of the Wild after Lake Ferona, but its waters are deeper.
  • Alongside Lake Ferona, Cephla Lake, and the waters surrounding Gut Check Rock they're the only thermal waters in Eldin that are outside the volcano's range.