Death Caldera

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Death Caldera

Death Caldera is a lava lake in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, which encircles Death Mountain. The only land-based crossing is the Bridge of Eldin.

Breath of the Wild

Nearby Korok Seeds

Blow up the boulders, lift up the rock underneath.

Blow up the boulders, lift up the rock.

Tears of the Kingdom

Death Caldera is the area that surrounds Tears of the Kingdom. Since Death Mountain is no longer an active volcano, the lava that was previously in the area has solidified and can now be walked on. The west side of the Caldera includes the Death Mountain West Site, a mining area.

At the northwest end of the area, there is a tall enemy base with three Blue Bokoblin and a Blue Moblin. At the top of the base there are three chests which containg a Purple Rupee, a Soldier's Claymore, and five Arrows. The Soldier's Claymore can scale up to a Royal Claymore, depending on World Level.

Treasure Chests

  • Purple Rupee - At the tall enemy camp at the northwest part of the area.
  • Soldier's Claymore - Also at the enemy camp at the northwest part of the area.
  • Arrows x5 - Along with the previous two chests at the northwest part of hte area.
  • Spiked-Iron-Ball Hammer - At the Bokoblin camp southwest of Death Mountain, southwest of the rail.
  • Brightbloom Seeds x5 - Beyond some breakable boulders south of the crater, but just north of the outer railway.
  • Bomb Flower x5 - At the enemy camp directly south of the crater.
  • Cobble Crusher - At the enemy camp southeast of the crater.

Korok Seeds

  • At the north end of the Death Mountain West Site, there is a Korok trying to reunite with his friend well to the northeast in the Death Caldera. Link can use a cart and the rail to reach the Korok, but the path is fairly clear. Link can simply grab the Korok and walk him over to reunite them and get a pair of Korok Seeds.
  • Southeast of the crater, but on a higher elevation from the bottom rail, there are some Korok sparkling lights moving around. Catch the lights to get the Korok Seed.
  • East of the the crater, along the path that climbs up Death Mountain, there is an arch with a balloon underneath it. Shoot the arch to get the Korok Seed.


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