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World Level[1] affects the strength of some enemies and items from Breath of the Wild.

Whenever Link kills an enemy, a hidden counter goes up a certain number. When the counter reaches a specific number, the World Level will be increased, and some enemies and weapons will be upgraded by one tier — for example, many Blue Bokoblins would be replaced by Black Bokoblins. The counter increase varies — the Divine Beast bosses (the Blight Ganons and Monk Maz Koshia) and Dark Beast Ganon have much greater effect than any standard enemy, while basic Wizzrobes barely increment the counter at all.

Note that there are often exceptions to weapons upgrading. For example, all Woodcutter's Axes in the game do not scale, despite there being a point count for when they do. Also, Guardian Scouts or their weapons never scale up even though the game has code for them to do so.

Weapon Upgrade Series

Pause Menu Weapon Modifiers - BOTW Wii U.jpg

Names are internal names with added spaces for legibility[2]. All weapons, bows and shields not listed below upgrade only with modifiers, as well as the highest tier weapon in each row.

"White modifier" and "yellow modifier" refers to the colour of the icon on the weapon's box in the pause menu. Yellow modifiers are greater than white modifiers, but both vary.

Assassin Series
Ax Series
Bokoblin Series
Dragon Roost Series
Electric Rod Series
Fire Rod Series
Goron Series
Guardian Mini Series
Hylia Series
Ice Rod Series
Kakariko Series
Lizalfos Series
Lynel Series
Moblin Series
Oasis Series
Zora Series

Points per Enemy Kill

Each enemy you kill makes the counter go up a certain number, and it varies for different types of monsters. Note that after the 10th kill of an enemy won't grant any points; this excludes bosses, who only give points on their first kill.

Enemy Points
Electric Wizzrobe 5
Fire Wizzrobe 5
Ice Wizzrobe 5
Decayed Guardian 12
Stone Talus 15
Hinox 15
Yiga Blademaster 15
Black Bokoblin 15
Blizzrobe 15
Meteo Wizzrobe 15
Thunder Wizzrobe 15
Sentry 15
Black Moblin 18
Guardian Scout III 20
Electric Lizalfos 20
Ice-Breath Lizalfos 20
Black Lizalfos 20
Fire-Breath Lizalfos 20
Golden Bokoblin 25
Stalnox 25
Silver Bokoblin 25
Stone Talus (Luminous) 25
Blue Hinox 25
Stone Talus (Rare) 30
Igneo Talus 35
Golden Moblin 35
Guardian Scout IV 35
Guardian Turret 35
Frost Talus 35
Silver Moblin 35
Igneo Talus Titan 35
Black Hinox 35
Silver Lizalfos 40
Golden Lizalfos 40
Molduking 50
Guardian Stalker 50
Guardian Skywatcher 50
Molduga 50
Lynel 50
Blue-Maned Lynel 60
White-Maned Lynel 80
Master Kohga 100
Golden Lynel 120
Silver Lynel 120
Fireblight Ganon 300
Waterblight Ganon 300
Thunderblight Ganon 300
Windblight Ganon 300
Monk Maz Koshia 500
Dark Beast Ganon 800

Enemy Upgrades

Most types of monsters can be upgraded to a higher tier of monster. Bokoblins and Moblins go from red, to blue, to black, then to silver. Lizalfos go from green, to blue, to black, then to silver, though the elemental types can't be upgraded. Lynels go from red, to blue, to white, and silver.

Not all enemies get upgraded, however. For example, the three Bokoblins in front of the Temple of Time never change from the red variant. Often, only one or two enemies in a Monster Camp are upgradable, which means that a camp may have a Silver Bokoblin surrounded by basic red Bokoblins.

Enemy Upgraded Enemy Points
Bokoblin Blue Bokoblin 286
Moblin Blue Moblin 786
Blue Bokoblin Black Bokoblin 1,143
Yiga Footsoldier Yiga Blademaster 1,143
Lizalfos Blue Lizalfos 1,286
Black Bokoblin Silver Bokoblin 2,286
Blue Lizalfos Black Lizalfos 2,286
Blue Moblin Black Moblin 2,643
Lynel Blue-Maned Lynel 2,786
Black Lizalfos Silver Lizalfos 3,715
Blue-Maned Lynel White-Maned Lynel 4,000
Black Moblin Silver Moblin 4,643
White-Maned Lynel Silver Lynel 6,000