Obsidian Frox

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Obsidian Frox are sub-bosses in Tears of the Kingdom, found within the Depths.

Tears of the Kingdom

Obsidian Frox are giant frog-like enemies that Link will encounter in the Depths. This is a stronger version of the regular Frox. They will jump around and attempt to gobble Link up. Additionally, when Link is in the distance, they will charge directly at him, dealing damage if they come into contact with Link.

The Obsidian Frox has a single eye in the front that can be attacked with an Arrow. This will deal damage, but also stun the enemy, at which point Link can jump on its back and hit the ore to deal damage. It can also be stunned by throwing a Bomb Flower, or shooting an arrow fused with a Bomb Flower into its mouth when it tries to suck Link in, making it an analogue to Dodongos in this respect.

When Kilton moves to Tarrey Town, a Frox of any type is his fourth request for his Monster Collection, as per the A Monstrous Collection IV sidequest.