The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Complete Official Guide

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Breath of the Wild Complete Official Guide
Guidebook Standard Edition Cover



Standard Edition
United States $24.99
Collector's Edition
United States $39.99
Deluxe Edition
United States $79.99
Expanded Edition
United States $39.99

Release Date

Standard Edition
United States March 3, 2017
Collector's Edition
United States March 3, 2017
Deluxe Edition
United States April 11, 2017
Expanded Edition
United States February 21, 2018



United States Piggyback










356 pages (Standard Edition)
372 pages (Collector's Edition)
388 pages (Deluxe Edition)
516 pages (Expanded Edition)


Deluxe Edition
11" x 15"


Standard Edition (ISBN-13)
United States 978-1-911015-23-9
Collector's Edition (ISBN-13)
United States 978-1-911015-22-2
Deluxe Edition (ISBN-13)
United States 978-1-911015-21-5
Expanded Edition (ISBN-13)
United States 978-1-911015-48-2

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Complete Official Guide is the only officially licensed guidebook for Breath of the Wild. It was published by Piggyback in four editions: the standard edition, collector's edition, deluxe edition, and expanded edition, however the only currently available edition is the expanded edition.

Standard Edition


  • The only English guidebook released for Breath of the Wild. The guide also came in a Collector's Edition, Deluxe Edition, and later on in an Expanded Edition
  • Includes a foreword from Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma and game director, Hidemaro Fujibayashi
  • Contains 25 pages of Primer, discussing the basic play controls, combat, horse mechanics, and overall game structure
  • The main Walkthrough takes Link through the Main Quest objectives, giving a suggested order. Brief mentions of some of the shrines, quests, and other goodies along the way
  • 100+ pages dedicated to finding all of the Shrines and how to complete them
  • 60+ pages showing all of the games Side Quests and how to complete them
  • 22 pages cover Link's inventory, including all of the Armor, weapons acquired, and various materials that Link can find. Brief listing of some of the meals Link can cook
  • 24 pages cover the games Bestiary, including strategies on how to defeat them, along with pictures, descriptions, and other data
  • Last sections covers the extras, including locations of all the big Overworld monsters, different types of Korok puzzles, mini-game strategies, and more
  • There is a section for the games various Easter Eggs, as well as an Index making it easy to find what the reader is looking for

Collector's Edition


  • Hardcover Collector's Edition version of the Piggyback Guide
  • Almost all of the content is completely identical the same as the base guide
  • Hardcover has alternative artwork than the base guide
  • The first 351 pages are the same, but the Collector's Edition has 16 pages of concept artwork

Deluxe Edition


  • Massive oversized book, which is significantly larger than the hardcover Collector's Edition
  • Almost all of the content is completely identical the same as the Collector's Edition, including the 16-pages dedicated to concept artwork that is not in the base guide
  • Hardcover has alternative artwork than the base guide
  • The first 367 pages are the same as the Collector's Edition, but the Deluxe Edition has 16 pages dedicated to the 30 year history of the Legend of Zelda

Expanded Edition


  • Hardcover has alternative artwork than any of the previously released guides
  • The first 351 pages are the same as the base guide, Collector's Edition, and Deluxe Edition
  • 22 pages dedicated to farming material, amiibo, listing of Merchants, and miscellaneous information on horses, enemy upgrades, level ranks, and more
  • 36 pages of large, full-page maps of all the various regions which are well labeled
  • 34 pages dedicated to The Master Trials DLC
  • An additional 34 pages dedicated to The Champions' Ballad DLC
  • 32 pages of concept artwork included. Some of this artwork was in the Collector's Edition, but there is additional artwork from the DLC included
  • The 30 years of history of Zelda, which was in the Deluxe Edition, is absent in this version of the guidebook.


Page numbers are for the expanded edition, and some errors may only be present in the expanded edition
  • Page 12 - The pictures of the Blue Rupee and Green Rupee are switched
  • Page 15 - You cannot register every horse, as you are unable to register the Lord of the Mountain and Stalhorses
  • Page 16 - As well as a quest objective, pins also remain on the mini-map no matter the location of the player
  • Page 19,20 - Link cannot act with complete impunity during a Flurry Rush. He can still take damage and ragdoll, though the flurry rush state is relatively safer due to time being slowed
  • Page 20 - Link does not need to be at a certain height above the ground; he performs a jump slash regardless of height above the ground, as long as he is above it
  • Page 21 - The red, blue, black, white, silver colors of enemies only apply to Bokoblins and Moblins. Lizalfos, Lynels, and Hinoxes all have unique variation colors
  • Page 21 - Full moons have nothing to do with the spawn of Blood Moons. Rather, they spawn every 2 hours and 48 minutes of real-time gameplay, or every 7 days of in-game time
  • Page 22 - Contrary to the book's claim, there is a merchant who sells Link Shields (Russ can be found in between Woodland Stable and Lanayru Tower)
  • Page 22 - Not all weapons have limited durability - both the Bow of Light and arguably the Master Sword have unlimited durability
  • Page 22 - The book advises to cut the trunk of the tree after climbing to the top (which is not possible)
  • Page 26 - Removing all metal equipment does not decrease the probability lightning will strike Link, it completely eliminates it
  • Page 115 - Starting at Sho Dantu Shrine, all rewards in the table are one spot above where they should be; Zuna Kai Shrine is an inaccurate repeat of Akh Va'quot Shrine
  • Page 280 - the Champion's Tunic requires 10 Silent Princesses for the last upgrade, not 3