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Fin (Business Partner)

Russ is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Russ is a Hylian who can be found standing near a tree on top of a hill, near the Trilby Plain. He's one half of The Shield Breakers, where he is partnered with Fin as fans of Shield Surfing. Russ will talk to Link and ask if he's here to do some shield surfing.[1] Russ tries to sell Link on the experience and lifestyle of shield surfing, while also trying to get him to purchase a shield that he has lying around.[2] He mentions that down to the west of the hill is a rather smooth ride for beginners, but he still encourages Link to buy a shield.[3]

If Link speaks with Russ' partner, Fin, who is down by a campfire near the road, Link can automatically be warped up to Russ if he agrees to shield surf.[4]

Shields For Sale

Russ has three shields for sale; a Wooden Shield, Soldier's Shield, and a Knight's Shield. The wooden shield is the cheapest and a decent choice for shield surfing.[5] The soldier's shield is a bit more pricey, but is a reliable choice for combat.[6] The Knight's Shield is a sturdy choice, but the most expensive of the bunch.[7] Russ whispers that he really needs to sell a shield, otherwise his gang will be doomed.[8]

Material Icons Quantity Price

Tears of the Kingdom

Russ is a part of the Side Quest named The Duchess Who Disappeared. After the blizzard has been stopped via the completion of the Wind Temple, Russ can be found at Selmie's Spot, a cabin northwest of Hebra Peak. Russ and Fin have both become students of Selmie the pro shield surfer, but she has gone missing. Fin has left to find Selmie but they have both been gone a long time and Russ is beginning to worry.[9]

After finding Selmie and completing The Duchess Who Disappeared, Russ can be found at Selmie's Spot.[10][11]


  1. Heeey, man. You here for some shield surfing? - Russ, Breath of the Wild
  2. That's all right, that's all right! Nothing to worry about, my man! Ya see, I'm a member of the shield-surfing gang, the Shield Breakers! Fin and me are the only two members, though... I make it my business to sell folks on the experience. The lifestyle. Yeaaah. Shields were made to be surfed on! Lucky for you, this hill here is the most savage spot for shield surfing. You just gotta crush it for yourself, my man. Oh, and if ya don't have your own shield, we've got some lying around here you can buy, if you wanna. If people don't start buying them soon... this gang will go out of business. - Russ, Breath of the Wild
  3. If you slide down to the west of here, it's a smooth ride even for beginners. All right, let's go! Don't be shy-just shred it up. And keep buying more shields, man! - Russ, Breath of the Wild
  4. Heeey, man! You came back! You just gotta try the experience. The lifestyle, if you will. Yeaaah. Shields were made to be surfed on! Oh, and if ya don't have your own shield, we've got some lying around here you can buy, if you wanna. If you don't...this gang is doomed. - Russ, Breath of the Wild
  5. The wooden shield? A decent choice for shield surfing, sure. How's about 30 rupees? - Russ
  6. The soldier's shield? A reliable choice for combat or the slopes, sure. How's about 100 rupees? - Russ, Breath of the Wild
  7. The knight's shield? A sturdy choice, sure. Perfect for shredding, my man! How's about 300 rupees? - Russ
  8. Aww. Maybe next time. If I don't sell somethin' soon, my gang is doomed... - Russ, Breath of the Wild
  9. Coach?! Oh... Hi, sorry. Thought ya were our coach, Selmie. Uh... Know her? Selmie used to be a shield surfer, real pro level. Went by the name "Duchess of Downhill." Heard of that maybe? Anyway, she's taken me and my best bud on as students, but then... It all started so good, ya see! She said she was going out to build out a new course on the slopes somewhere! But she's still not back. I'm worried sick. Me and my best bud Fin figured she'd gone to the Biron Snowshelf in the west. He set off to find her. I'm waiting here in case she comes back. But now... Fin hasn't come back either. It's been too long. Maybe he found her. Maybe not. I dunno. I've been watching for him to send up smoke signals. That way I'd go wherever he is. We'd help Coach from there. - Russ, Tears of the Kingdom
  10. I'm SO stoked that Coach came back to us safe. Major respect from me, man. - Russ, Tears of the Kingdom
  11. Yeah, see you on the slopes. Best way to learn! - Russ, Tears of the Kingdom