Akh Va'quot Shrine

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Akh Va'quot Shrine

Akh Va'quot Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The Akh Va'quot Shrine is the shrine that is found at Rito Village. The shrine is also the location that is the most easily accessible to the Rito Stable. The Rito Stable, located just east of Rito Village, is the only stable in the world that doesn't have a shrine immediately adjacent to it.


Right when Link enters the shrine, he can turn to the right and head up the stairs into another room. From there he can shoot the switch that is in the distance to cause a draft to spin the windmill, opening the nearby gate. Open the treasure chest here to get an Ancient Core.

From here, Link can also use Cryonis to create a series of Ice Blocks to reach the two ledges on the right side. They each contain treasure chests where Link can acquire a Sapphire gem and a Feathered Spear.

The objective of the shrine is to make every single windmill in the room spin at the same time. Link can do this by hitting the crystal switches, causing the fans to turn and blow in a specific direction. There are six fans in this room and if Link hits the switches so that they all face these directions, all the windmills will spin.

  • Bottom-right fan, blowing up.
  • Middle-right fan, blowing left.
  • Top-right fan, blowing down.
  • Middle fan, blowing left.
  • Bottom-left fan, blowing right.
  • Top-left fan, blowing right

When all the windmills are blowing, the gate will open, allowing Link to reach the altar. Speak with Akh Va'quot to get the Spirit Orb.