North Tabantha Snowfield

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North Tabantha Snowfield is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The North Tabantha Snowfield is located within the Tabantha Tundra, north of the Snowfield Stable. As with most the region, the temperature is bitterly cold and Link will need to wear armor with Cold Resistance, such as the Snowquill Set, allowing Link to survive in the harsh conditions.

The north end of the region is exceptionally dangerous as there are three White-Maned Lynels in the area. These areas are best avoided unless Link is well powered up with significantly stronger weapons and armor.

There are two enemy camps where the North and South Tabantha Snowfields meet. One of the camps has numerous Black Bokoblin riding horses. During the evening hours there are some Stalkoblin that are riding Stalhorses. There is no treasure in the southern skull base, but just some enemy Ice Keese. At the north enemy base there is a treasure chest buried in the ground and it contains a Kite Shield.

At the far northwest end of the snowfield there is a large hill and just to the west, a smaller hill. A treasure chest is found at the peak of the small hill and it contains a Forest Dweller's Bow.

Sha Gehma Shrine

Main article: Sha Gehma Shrine

At the far north end of the snowfield, the Sha Gehma Shrine can be found. The shrine will require Link to use Magnesis to grab the metal block and launch it up in the air. Link can then use Stasis to stop the block, allowing him to open the treasure chest with a Small Key before the block crashes down. Then he can run over and meet with Sha Gehma at the alter to get the Korok Seed.




Nearby Shrines

Nearby Korok Seeds

Stand near the pinwheel and shoot the balloons.

Stand near the pinwheel, shoot the balloons.

Destroy the acorn in the hollow of the log.

Shoot the acorn.

Tears of the Kingdom

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