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Addison is a character found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Addison has been tasked to put up Hudson Signs throughout Hyrule. The signs depict President Hudson, founder and co-owner of Hudson Construction. Hudson Construction has been appointed by Princess Zelda to put building material caches everywhere.

Addison has much admiration for Hudson and has pledged his support to him. However, Addison seems unable to get the signs to stick in the ground, so he just stands there, holding them up. When Link suggests just letting go of the sign, Addison is thrown off by the suggestion, implying that Link doesn't support Hudson.

One can combine the nearby building materials with Ultrahand and/or use a Hover Stone to establish support for the sign. If the sign stands once Link tells Addison to let go, he will secure the sign properly and reward Link with 20 Rupees, some Rice Balls with various attributes, and a third item, which may be a Bomb Flower, a Sleepover Ticket, a Puffshroom, or a Muddle Bud. If there is no space in Link's inventory for more meals, Addison will give him another 20 Rupees instead.

Upon completion of the final signpost puzzle, Addison will first reward Link with the usual three rewards, before noticing that his job is finished and thanking Link for helping him spread the legend of President Hudson all across the land with Addison's Fabric, though he notes that nobody could love President Hudson as much as he does. Afterwards, Addison will return to Tarrey Town to tell Hudson the good news. However, upon arrival, Addison is nowhere to be found, as he was supposedly fired for constantly being in need of external assistance. When Link travels to any stable after the completion of the Stable Trotters questline, he will find Addison there listening, providing his support by standing as if he were still holding up a sign.