Eagus Bridge

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The Eagus Bridge is a location found in Breath of the Wild.


The bridge crosses over the Hylia River at one of its distributaries that leads to the Nabi Lake. The bridge can be found just southeast of the Florest Sandbar and it serves as connection point between West Necluda and the Lanayru Westlands. It also connects the Dueling Peaks and Lanayru regions.

In the water below the bridge, Link will find a variety of fish, including Hyrule Bass, Mighty Carp, Armored Carp, and Staminoka Bass. Additionally, there are some Hot-Footed Frogs that will appear form time to time. It is a fairly safe bridge, although there are some enemy Water Octoroks in the vicinity, as well as some Stalkoblin that appear at nighttime.

In Master Mode there is a Sky Octorok platform just east of the bridge that contains a treasure chest with a Throwing Spear.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Pick up the rock found underneath the bridge.

Under the bridge, pick up the rock on top of the cart.