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The Owlan Bridge is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Bridge is located just south of the Riverside Stable and just west of the Batrea Lake. It crosses the Hylia River and serves as a connection point between West Necluda and Hyrule Field. The Bridge also straddles the border between the Dueling Peaks Tower and Central Tower regions. The water under the bridge flows southward where it will pass the Proxim Bridge before spilling out to Lake Hylia

There are a pair of treasure chests underwater, right next to the bridge. Just south of the bridge the chest contains an Opal gem and north of the bridge there is an Amber gem. Additional treasure chests can be found underwater in both directions containing Fire Arrows, Shock Arrows, a Traveler's Sword, a Purple Rupee, and more Amber.

The water surrounding the bridge is home to a variety of fish, including Hyrule Bass, Armored Carp, Mighty Carp, and Staminoka Bass. Additionally, some Hot-Footed Frogs can be found in the water below.

In Master Mode there is a Sky Octorok platform just south of the bridge that contains a treasure chest with a Knight's Bow.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Remove the big boulder and then lift the smaller rock.

Stasis Rune works to remove the big boulder, and then hit it multiple times. Then pick up the smaller rock.

Under the bridge, shoot the hanging acorn.

Shoot the object hanging from the bridge.

Stand on the stump and shoot the three balloons.

Stand on the stump and shoot all three balloons


The name "Owlan Bridge" is taken from Instructor Owlan, a character from Skyward Sword.

Tears of the Kingdom

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