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Hudson Sign




Throughout Hyrule

Points of

Addison holds up every sign manually until helped to fix them in place


Hudson Signs are painted wooden signs promoting Hudson Construction in Tears of the Kingdom. Link must help Addison keep them upright, earning multiple rewards upon doing so.

Tears of the Kingdom

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81 signs exist across Hyrule, each with a slightly different shape and base, making for interesting mini-puzzles throughout the world.

When a signpost is successfully kept upright for at least a few seconds, Addison rewards Link with a Red Rupee, a dish (usually a Rice Balls dish, often with an effect corresponding to the map location [e.g. Heat Resistance when found in warm areas]), and an item from Addison's "personal collection" (most often a Puffshroom, Muddle Bud, or Bomb Flower, sometimes in bundles of 5 or 10). If Link's food inventory is full, Addison will give him a second Red Rupee instead of a dish.

Upon completion of the final signpost puzzle, Addison will first reward Link with the usual three rewards, before noticing that his job is finished and thanking Link for helping him spread the legend of President Hudson all across the land with Addison's Fabric, though he notes that nobody could love President Hudson as much as he does.