Floret Sandbar

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Floret Sandbar

Floret Sandbar is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Floret Sandbar is a small island found in West Necluda. It is on the Hylia River, right at the point where the river splits into two, with one end traveling east in the Nabi Lake, and the other end traveling west, eventually spilling into Lake Hylia.

Magda is the lone resident on the island, likely arriving from the Raft located in the water right near where she is standing. As soon as Link speaks with Magda, or if he steps on the flowers, this will trigger the Watch Out for the Flowers‎‎ quest. Link must carefully navigate the flower maze to reach the Hila Rao Shrine‎‎ and complete the quest. The shrine is the focal point of the island and Magda has planted the flowers around the shrine to make it look more lovely.[1]

Just west of the island, there is a treasure chest that is in the Hylia River and Link can pull it up with Magnesis. Link will find a Purple Rupee inside.

Nearby Shrine Quests

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  1. Look! Aren't they lovely? I wanted to see how the shrine would look with flowers around it! and it's wonderful! Please feel free to take a closer look. Just don't step on them! - Magda