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The Nabi Lake is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Nabi Lake is a body of water situated just north of the Dueling Peaks Tower. The Hylia River splits off near the Floret Sandbar, with the water to the west flowing towards Lake Hylia and the water to the east flowing into the Nabi Lake.

To the south of the Lake, there is the South Nabi Lake, which is a much smaller body of water. The lower terrtain between the lakes and the small puddles that accompany it seem to indicate that when there are heavy rains or flooding, the bodies of water can connect. Additionally, the West Nabi Lake is located to the southwest, although it doesn't actually consist of a Body of Water. It could very well be just a dried up area where a lake once existed, but all there is now are some ruins and a Stone Talus.

Just south of the lake, there is a Bokoblin camp, which includes some stronger Blue Bokoblin. There are a pair of treasure chests at the camp, both containing Amber gems. There is also a treasure chest nearby in the water which holds a Silver Rupee. Two more treasure chests can be found near the lake, one on the coast to the west that has an Opal gem, and another on a rock in the water to the north containing an Amber gem. A large watchtower hands over the lake to the west, although there is nothing of interest at the top of the tower.

In addition to the enemy Bokoblin, Link will encounter some enemy Keese and ChuChu near the camp. There are also some Forest Octoroks surrounding the lake, as well as some Water Octoroks found within the lake. At the north end of the Lake, there are a pair of Green Lizalfos.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Swim to the small island in the lake and lift the small rock on top.

Swim to the small island in the lake and lift the small rock on top.

Tears of the Kingdom

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