Staminoka Bass

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Staminoka Bass

"This Hyrule bass got to be the biggest fish by never getting caught (until now). Its long life results in a cooked dish that will restore a lot of stamina."

— In-Game Description

The Staminoka Bass (050 in the Hyrule Compendium) is a type of fish and material found in Breath of the Wild. They can typically be found in bodies of water. This fish will restore one heart when eaten raw, but can be increased if Link decides to cook it. Staminoka Bass can be used in a variety of Recipes, and they have an extra cooking effect of stamina recovery. They can be sold to shop-vendors around Hyrule for 18 rupees.


Recipe Cooking Method Hearts Restored Stamina Restore Selling Price Ingredient(s)
Energizing Fish Skewer Cook Pot 2 hearts 1 Stamina Wheel 30 rupees (1) Staminoka Bass
Energizing Fish Skewer Cook Pot 4 hearts 2⅕ Stamina Wheels 70 rupees (2) Staminoka Bass
Energizing Fish Skewer[1] Cook Pot 6 hearts 3 Stamina Wheels 120 rupees (3) Staminoka Bass
Frozen Bass Snowy Climes 2 hearts 1:00 heat resistance 14 rupees (1) Staminoka Bass
Roasted Bass Open Flame 1½ hearts N/A 9 rupees (1) Staminoka Bass
  1. After (3) Staminoka Bass, no additional stamina wheels are offered, but heart recovery increases by (2) hearts per bass.