Kolami Bridge South

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Kolami Bridge South is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

As its name suggested, the Kolami Bridge South is located just south of the Kolami Bridge. The region overlook the Strock Lake to the northwest and the Tanagar Canyon to the east. While it is an unmarked location on the map, the main highlight is the Stone Talus (Rare) that is found right along the pathway.

There is small forest of pine trees just east of the pathway with a trio of Blue Lizalfos that are patrolling the area. There is a small base here, although it is above ground with no ramp to reach it. Link will need to use Revali's Gale, or climb one of the large pine trees and glide over. There is a Rusty Halberd and a Rusty Claymore at the base, as well as a treasure chest that contains ten Arrows.

There are a few Maraudo Wolves roaming around the area, as well as some Cold Darners that can be found in the area surrounding the Stone Talus.

Just east of the small forest, there is a rock on one of the lower ledges, leading down to the Tanagar Canyon. A Korok can be found hiding underneath this rock.




Tears of the Kingdom

Kolami Bridge South is an unnamed location in Tears of the Kingdom, found just south of Kolami Bridge. There is a small Bokoblin camp on the east side of the road.

The area overlooks the Tanagar Canyon to the east. A bit down the hill, just northeast of where the Bokoblin camp is, there is a rock sitting on the rocky hillside. Lift it up to get a Korok Seed.