Popla Foothills

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Popla Foothills

The Popla Foothills are a location found in Breath of the Wild.


The Popla Foothills are located just north of the Spring of Courage in West Necluda. They gradually increase in elevation as Link moves eastward towards the Dueling Peaks mountain range.

At the west end of the Popla Foothilla, there is a Bokoblin base with both Red and Blue Bokoblins. A treasure chest can be found here containing ten Arrows.

The far west end of the Foothillls overlook the Deya Lake down below. A Fire Wizzrobe can be found here and when defeated, Link can collect its Fire Rod.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Move the large slab, then lift the small rock underneath.

Lift the large rock (using Stasis/Octo Balloon) and then lift the smaller rock.

Get one of the giant boulders to the east into the hole.

Multiple methods are available, such as rolling it down first and then using Stasis to get it up the hill, or use Stasis from the starting position and aim for the hole like it's golf.