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Drops Rupees when attacked



Greater Hyrule


"They may look like mere rabbits at a fleeting glance, but these strange and aptly named creatures glow with a mysterious blue light. While the details of their origins are entirely unknown, there is one thing we do know: these peculiar little things have a penchant for collecting rupees."

— Hyrule Compendium entry

Blupees are mysterious creatures found in Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom.


Blupees are rabbit-like creatures that have owl facial features and laurel-like antennae resembling rabbit ears. They are very luminous, especially during the night, and carry a distinct shade of blue-green. They are found deep in thick forests such as the one near Kakariko Village. They can be approached slowly, or by using stealth gear, food or elixirs. When shot at, or stricken, Blupees shed Rupees of various lower denominations. These include Green Rupees, Blue Rupees, Red Rupees, and very rarely, Purple Rupees. Blupees never drop Silver Rupees or Gold Rupees.

They share several features with the Lord of the Mountain, and are implied to be related to it in a subordinate manner.

Breath of the Wild

They are very skittish in behavior, so Link should be sneaky when approaching them. These creatures drop up to 100 Rupees when hit, and disappear into thin air after fleeing for some time.

Link can find lots of these creatures at Satori Mountain when the Lord of the Mountain is present. They also spawn near Cotera's Great Fairy Fountain by Kakariko Village, where up to four may be present. If Link takes a picture of one, it has a place in the Hyrule Compendium. He can then target them using the Sheikah Sensor +.

Blupees can also be seen largely in wooded areas, though they can be very difficult to spot to begin with. Albeit they're not domesticated animals, like most of those, blupees cannot be killed.

Having begun the main quests Locked Mementos and The Hero's Sword, the side quest Legendary Rabbit Trial can be accessed in Korok Forest by talking to the Korok Peeks. Peeks requests a picture of a Blupee from Link and, upon completion, rewards Link with a Silver Rupee.

Age of Calamity

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"Rumors: Blue-white, rabbit-shaped spirits have been spotted! It's said warriors skilled enough to strike one will be rewarded!"

— Loading screen tip

Tears of the Kingdom

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Blupees appear as the remnants of a Bubbulfrog after it is defeated. The Bubbulfrog will burst into a blue cloud of smoke, and leave behind both a Bubbul Gem and the Blupee, who will quickly run off and disappear.

Blupees now appear out in the open near caves, and when startled will run in the direction of the cave. If not shot, they will disappear near it, making it possible to find undiscovered caves by finding blupees and following them.