Woodland Boar

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"These medium-sized beasts can be found all throughout Hyrule. You can most often find them foraging for food in forests or meadows. Although usually docile, they won't hesitate to charge you full force if you get too close."

— Hyrule Compendium Entry

A Woodland Boar is a type of wild pig found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Woodland Boars are identified by their chestnut colored fur, with their head and abdomen being a lighter color shade. They have short tusks that are used as weapons when they spot nearby predators. They can occasionally charge directly at enemies when they spot them nearby, however, more often than not, the Woodland Boar will avoid confrontation and will run away when they are startled. When they sense danger, their tail will point upwards.

They make their homes all over Hyrule, typically in temperate forests, such as the Forest of Spirits on the Great Plateau. Link can hunt down a Woodland Boar and they are best defeating by shooting them with an Arrow to their head. Similarly, Woodland Boar are frequently hunted down by the Bokoblins, where they may or may not be caught and cooked. Seared Steak is a common food available at Bokoblin camps, and is thought to be derived from these boars.

Upon death, they drop Raw Meat.

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