Spring of Courage

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Spring of Courage

Spring of Courage is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Spring of Courage is located deep in the woods in the Faron Tower region, at the far north end of the Damel Forest, just beyond the Dracozu Lake. The front of the Spring is protected by a Black Moblin and a pair of Black Lizalfos. On the path leading directly to the Spring, there is a treasure chest which contains a Gold Rupee.

There are ruins found all throughout the Spring of Courage. From an aerial view and when looking at the Spring of Courage from a distance, the ruins create a dragons head, as well as two massive claws on each side. On top of each of the hands of the dragon, there are block structures. The block structure on the east side of the dragon has an extra block. Link can grab it with Magnesis and carefully bring it to the structure to the west, putting it place to get a Korok.

On top of the head of the dragon, there is a large tree. Link can climb up to the top to find a small rock, which he can lift to find a Korok Seed. From the Spring of Courage, climb up the slope to the northwest and Link will find some cracked boulders against the wall on the mountainside. He can blow up these boulders to find a small rock that has a Korok beneath it.

The Serpent's Jaws

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A Goddess Statue can be found at the back of the Spring and Link is able to pray to the statue. The Goddess Hylia asks Link to offer Farosh's Scale as an offering.[1]

Nearby Shrines

Nearby Korok Seeds

Use Magnesis to grab the iron cube from the block puzzle on the east hand of the statue and take it to the west hand.

Carry the block from the east hand to the west hand and solve the block puzzle.

Bomb the nearby breakable wall in the mountainside, then lift the revealed stone.

Blow up the wall, pick up the rock underneath.

Climb up the tree and lift the small rock.

Climb the tall tree above the statue thing and pick up the rock at the top.


  1. ... You have done well to find this spring. Offer Farosh's scale, received from the golden spirit, to the Spring of Courage. I, Goddess Hylia, will guide you. - Hylia