Damel Forest

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Damel Forest is a location in Breath of the Wild.


The Damel Forest is dense forest found east of Lake Hylia. The forest covers a wide stretch of land and includes the Harker Lake, Dracozu River, and Dracozu Lake, with the forest's main attraction being the Spring of Courage to the north.

On the west side of the forest, a Bokoblin camp can be found, with some Blue Bokoblin and Black Bokoblin patrolling the area. On top of the tree house, there is a treasure chest that contains five Fire Arrows. A second metallic treasure chest is found just to the east on one of the watchtowers and it contains a Soldier's Spear. A third treasure chest is found just east of here, underwater at the edge of the Dracozu River. This treasure chest contains a Purple Rupee.

Just north of the Bokoblin stronghold there is another, smaller collection of Bokoblin, centered around a Cooking Pot. There is a treasure chest found here containing a Silver Rupee.

At the north end of the Damel Forest, just west of Dracozu Lake, there is a set of ruins with a number of boulders. There are three boulders in the four corners of the area, with the fourth boulder being up on top of the pillar. Link can use Stasis on the boulder and then shoot it with a Bomb Arrow to knock it down. Then he can use Stasis again and slowly maneuver the boulder so it matches the other three boulders, causing the Korok to appear.

The east side of the forest is home to a number of Electric Lizalfos. These enemies wield very strong weapons and their ability to shock Link make them very dangerous.