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This article is about the river from Breath of the Wild. For the river from other games, see Zora's River.
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The Zora River is a waterway from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Zora River is one of the main sources of water for most of Hyrule, taking water from the Ruto Lake and Lanayru Great Spring region, and allowing it to flow westward, the main path to Zora's Domain runs alongside it. The river eventually merges with the Rutala River near the Millennio Sandbar, with the water continuing into the Hylia River, which flows all the way to Lake Hylia. Along the way, the Zora River passes under several notable bridges, including Luto's Crossing, the Oren Bridge, and the Inogo Bridge.

Nearby Korok Seeds

Solve the block puzzle.

Solve the block puzzle using Magnesis to get the seed.

Tears of the Kingdom

Zora River is a long body of water that originates from Zora's Domain, with the water flowing south and then westward until it spills out at the Lanayru Wetlands. Here it combines with the Rutala River with the water eventually flowing into the Hylia River.

Just north of Zora River and west of the Inogo Bridge, there is a Note on the Table. The note is found right along the path, which heads eastward, traveling to Zora's Domain. The note warns travelers that the road up ahead is crumbling, and also full of Sludge, encouring travelers to travel off the paved pathway.

At the western end of Zora River, west of the Inogo Bridge, at the fork in the road, Addison can be found holding up a Hudson Sign. If Link helps him with the sign, Addison will reward Link with a Red Rupee, some Chilly Veggie Rice Balls, and a Sleepover Ticket.

In the water, just west of Inogo Bridge, a wooden treasure chest will begin to flow when Link draws near. The chest here contains five Arrows.

Korok Seeds

  • East of the Tabahl Woods Well, down by Zora River, there is a cork. Grab it and stick it into the river. It will launch and uncork, getting the Korok Seed in the process.
  • Just west of Inogo Bridge on the north side of the river, Link will find a Korok who wants to reunite with his friend. Cross the Zora River and reunite the Koroks to get a pair of Korok Seeds.