Reach Zora's Domain

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Reach Zora's Domain
Reach Zora's Domain



Speak with Sidon at the Inogo Bridge


Reach Zora's Domain and visit King Dorephan






Reach Zora's Domain is a Main Quest found in Breath of the Wild


When traveling through the Lanayru Wetlands, several Zora will point Link in the direction of the Zora River. There, Link is to meet up with Prince Sidon at the Inogo Bridge.[1][2][3][4] When Link finally meets Sidon at the bridge, Sidon will tell Link of the grave danger that Zora's Domain is in. He will ask Link to lend his strength and travel to Zora's Domain.[5] This will begin the Reach Zora's Domain main quest.

After Link travels down the pathway and crosses the Great Zora Bridge, he will arrive at Zora's Domain and will be greeted by Sidon. Sidon is happy that Link made it and wants to introduce him to King Dorephan.[6] This will progress the quest, as Link will then need to arrive at the Throne Room. Once Link arrives, this will complete the main quest. He can then speak with the King, Sidon, and Muzu, where he will get the Zora Armor. This will then progress the Divine Beast Vah Ruta quest.


Note: This quest is not required to trigger the Divine Beast Vah Ruta quest. If Link bypasses the Zora River and arrives at the Zora's Domain throne room by another way, then Sidon will be there, surprised to see a Hylian.


Adventure Log

Step Description
Sidon, prince of the Zora, invited you to come to Zora's Domain.

He warned you that owing to the heavy rains, the rocks along the path are dangerously slippery.
You arrived at Zora's Domain. The next step is to visit King Dorephan in the throne room on the top floor.
You arrived at the throne room in Zora's Domain.

According to Sidon, Zora's Domain is in danger, and they need the help of a strong Hylian.



  1. ... I can see it in your eyes. You're asking yourself, "Why me?" A reasonable question for a stranger accosted by a passing Zora in such a manner. But I must assure you, this venture will be very profitable for you as well! You see, Prince Sidon of the Zora is in desperate search of a strong Hylian. And as this is a royal request from the prince himself, it's safe to assume a generous reward is in the cards... That is why I am asking you to meet with Prince Sidon at Inogo Bridge, along the Zora River just upstream of here. - Ledo
  2. I know it! I SO knew it! Well, what are you waiting for?! Go see Prince Sidon! He's waiting at Inogo Bridge, which is upstream of Zora River. Please listen to what dear Prince Sidon has to say! - Tona
  3. Perfect! It must be my lucky day! Oh... *ahem* I apologize for calling out to you so suddenly. I am Torfeau of the Zora. I have been searching for a Hylian like you for a very long time! My home, Zora's Domain, is in terrible danger. That is why Prince Sidon sent me in search of a strong Hylian warrior. - Torfeau
  4. Oh! Hey! This is the first time I've seen one! I'm Tottika of the Zora! Aren't you...a Hylian? You ARE, aren't you?! Yes, I can tell! You are most certainly a Hylian! As fate would have it, our Prince Sidon is looking for a Hylian like you. The prince is at Inogo Bridge right now. Will you consent to go and see him? I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to... Though...I'd kind of like you to go even if you don't want to... Hm, yes! It is decided! You will indeed go and see the prince, even if you don't really want to! - Tottika
  5. Aha! Just as I suspected! I am a Zora prince, after all. I have an eye for talent that is unparalleled! Yes! Exquisite! I have been searching for someone like you for a long while. A man like you, Link, who carries himself with power! Right now, Zora's Domain is in grave danger because of the massive rainfall coming from Divine Beast Vah Ruta! Please, promise you will help us! We need your strength, warrior! Won't you please come to Zora's Domain with me? - Sidon
  6. Whoa! I've been waiting for you, Link! Welcome! Behold the pride of my people, Zora's Domain! Now I shall introduce you to the king. Hurry, this way! - Sidon