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Breath of the Wild
Moor Garrison Ruins North (Initially)
Zora's Domain
Tears of the Kingdom
Zora's Domain

Ledo is a Zora character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Ledo is a Zora who can initially be found in the Zora River, just north of Moor Garrison Ruins and south of Sheh Rata Shrine. When Link walks by, Ledo will spot him, calling him over to talk to him.[1] After realizing Link is a real Hylian, he will ask Link if he can spare a few minutes of his time.[2]

Ledo asks Link to travel upstream of Zora River towards the Inogo Bridge.[3] Prince Sidon is in desperate search for a strong Hylian, and Ledo believes that Link fits that build. Ledo indicates to Link that if he goes along with it, there will be a good reward, as the request is coming from somebody like Prince Sidon.[4][5]

After Link completes the Reach Zora's Domain quest, Ledo can then be found at the Domain. He carries a hammer and chisel with him at all times as he repairs some of the structures around Zora's Domain. He works alongside his senior apprentice, Fronk, in repairing many of the damages that were done by the relentless storms from Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[6] Both Ledo and Fronk are the faithful apprentices of Dento. Having them both repair Zora's Domain is part of how Dento is training his apprentices.[7]

Each morning at 5am, Ledo wakes up and walks down the stairs. He stops near the bottom of the stairs, at the end of the Great Zora Bridge, where he begins to chisel one of the structures.[8] Ledo remains there all day long until the evening, occasionally changing positions around the structure. After 9pm each evening, Ledo will head to the back of Zora's Domain, where he will sleep in one of the small ponds.[9][10]

Luminous Stone Gathering

Main article: Luminous Stone Gathering

While Ledo is repairing the structure, he mentions that there is a need for Luminous Stones. He mentions that Link can find plenty of them at Upland Zorana, located just northwest of Zora's Domain.[11] Luminous Stones were some of the raw materials that were originally used to build Zora's Domain and Ledo is in need of at least 10 of them.[12] This will begin the Luminous Stone Gathering quest.

After collecting 10 stones, bring them to Ledo and he'll count them out.[13] As a reward, Ledo will give Link two Diamonds.[14] This will complete the quest, but Ledo does tell Link that if he can bring him ten more, he will give him an additional diamond.[15]

Tears of the Kingdom

During the Zora Regional Phenomena, Ledo can be found near the infirmary, cleaning up the Sludge.


  • Link incurs a monetary loss when trading with Ledo, as 10 Luminous Stones cost more (700 Rupees) than a single Diamond (500 Rupees). As such, Link effectively loses the equivalent of 200 Rupees on each transaction with the Zora craftsman. Not even trading with Ramella afterwards would break even, as she buys Diamonds at a rate of 550 Rupees.



  1. Oh! You there! Over here! I'm over here! - Ledo
  2. I apologize for call on you so suddenly! I am Ledo, a proud member of the distinguished Zora. As you are a real Hylian, I had no choice to but call upon you! Will you please spare me a moment of your time? - Ledo
  3. Thank you so very much! Do you see that tower...the one atop that mountain yonder? I need you to go upstream of Zora River, which runs along the north side of that tower...to Inogo Bridge. - Ledo
  4. ... I can see it in your eyes. You're asking yourself, "Why me?" A reasonable question for a stranger accosted by a passing Zora in such a manner. But I must assure you, this venture will be very profitable for you as well! You see, Prince Sidon of the Zora is in desperate search of a strong Hylian. And as this is a royal request from the prince himself, it's safe to assume a generous reward is in the cards... That is why I am asking you to meet with Prince Sidon at Inogo Bridge, along the Zora River just upstream of here. - Ledo
  5. Hylian... If you are up to the challenge and wish to meet with Prince Sidon... I suggest you head toward Inogo Bridge, which is upstream of Zora River. As this is a request from Prince Sidon... I am certain something good will come of it for you! - Ledo
  6. Oh! It's you! We met at Zora River... It's me, Ledo! Thank you for coming so quickly! You listened to what King Dorephan had to say! Yes, so that is the cause of our suffering in Zora's Domain. It is all because of that beast, Ruta. That's why my senior apprentice, Fronk, and I are repairing the domain. However, our materials are a bit depleted... - Ledo
  7. Fronk and I are Master Dento's faithful apprentices. Fronk and I are always striving to better ourselves in the workshop. Master always tells us, "Repairing the domain is part of your training." So that's what we're doing now. - Ledo
  8. First, I should try chiseling like this...then I might try chiseling like that... Oh! My apologies! I'm just a little preoccupied with today's work... - Ledo
  9. I'm sleepy... Can we talk another time? - Ledo
  10. *snore* *gurgle* - Ledo
  11. Yes... Repairs require a large number of luminous stones. You can find plenty of them around Upland Zorana. Have you, by chance, already stumbled across some luminous stones during your travels? For instance, you have 10 of them, that would be a big help... - Ledo
  12. Luminous stones were part of the raw materials used to build Zora's Domain. In the past, luminous stones were often mined from Upland Zorana... which is why Zora's Domain was built here. That's the store, anyway. - Ledo
  13. Thank you! You're really giving me 10 luminous stones?! In that case, please excuse me while I count them! And a oooone! And a twooooo! And a threeeeee! Foooooour! Fiiiiiive! Siiiiiiix! Seveeeeeeen! Eeeeeeeeeeight! Niiiiiiiiine! Aaaand...TEN! Oh, my! You really brought all 10! Thank you! Yes, I will happily take those luminous stones from you! Oh, that's right... I must reward you! - Ledo
  14. And what's more, I'll give you one extra as a bonus! - Ledo
  15. You're a lifesaver! Truly! If you ever find yourself in possession of 10 luminous stones in the future, I hope you will bring them to me. But if that happens, know that I'll only be able to give you one diamond for them. I would be honored if you would accept it when the time comes! - Ledo