The Hero's Cache

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The Hero's Cache




Find the treasure indicated by the riddle


Gold Rupee

The Hero's Cache is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Kass is on the middle tall rock out in the waters of Kitano Bay. Talk to him to start the quest.


There is not much to this quest except to find a hidden treasure chest and then pull it up to the surface with Magnesis.

The riddle states the treasure is at "17 of 24". In military time, 17 hours out of a 24-hour day, means 5 p.m.. Using a traditional clock face southward and a bit to the east and in the direction of where 5pm would be on a clock. There is a treasure chest that is hidden just behind a rock underwater. Pull it up with Magnesis and open it to get a Gold Rupee and complete the quest.

If you're having trouble, Kass is looking at the general direction. The following is only if you have taken a picture of a Treasure Chest; Finally, if that does not work you can always pull out your Sheikah Sensor, - then Y, change target, go all the way to Treasure tab, select Treasure Chest with Y. Return to the game and the sensor should point you towards the direction.

Adventure Log

Step Description
1 "An ancient hero spoke these words:
'One day I'll return to fight evil.
My cache is at 17 of 24,
This rock will point toward its retrieval.'
Complete You've solved the riddle of the ancient verse that Kass recited and earned a gold rupee for your trouble.
Talk to Kass again (not required) "What? So the hero's savings amount to nothing more than a single gold rupee? / Hmph, well, hero though he was, he was much more rich in character than wealth... / Still... that is a fair sum. I hope you'll make good use of it!"