EX Champion Mipha's Song

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This article describes a subject exclusive to game downloadable content and may not apply to the base game.
EX Champion Mipha's Song





Listen to Kass' song by the Stone Monument at Ja'Abu Ridge


Collect the three Ruta's Emblems and defeat Waterblight Ganon in the Illusory Realm






EX Champion Mipha's Song is a Main Quest in the "second wave" of the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass DLC, The Champions' Ballad.


After completing the One-Hit Obliterator trial, a Stone Monument appears on Ja'Abu Ridge. Each of its three obelisks shows a map location, while Kass appears nearby to give further hints. All three of these locations involve unlocking a new shrine, which gives one of Ruta's Emblems.

Once Link has all three emblems, he must go to Divine Beast Vah Ruta and fight Waterblight Ganon in the Illusory Realm with limited equipment. Completing this will unlock the Champion Mipha's Song Recovered Memory, upgrade Mipha's Grace to Mipha's Grace +, and finish the EX Champion Mipha's Song quest.



Adventure Log

Step Description
1 The scattered One-Hit Obliterator led you to a location where a stone monument with a map of trials appeared. Kass's song seems related...

One, find what the light's path shows.
Two, conquer the ancient foes.
Three, chase rings of the waterfall.
Champion, the trials call!

You still have [x] trials to complete.
2 You completed the three trials inscribed on the stone monument in the Lanayru region.

After you collected three of Ruta's Emblems, the monk told you to head to the Divine Beast. What awaits you there?

Go to the Divine Beast Vah Ruta to find out.
3 When you reached Divine Beast Vah Ruta, you heard the monk's voice again, and a new trial began!

A phantasm of Waterblight Ganon, born from your own memories and fears, appeared to challenge your resolve.
Complete the trial using only the tools provided!
Complete You defeated the phantasm of Waterblight Ganon, which was born from your own memories and fears.

Kass's composition, entitled Champion Mipha's Song, was so true and moving that it allowed you to visualize a memory from 100 years ago.

By conquering the trial, your sacred power has increased and Mipha's Grace has become more efficient than ever.