The Two Rings

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The Two Rings



Speak to Kass at the West Hyrule Plains


Shoot an Arrow Through Two Rings


The Two Rings is a Shrine Quest from Breath of the Wild.

Begin the Quest

Speak with Kass, who can be found at the West Hyrule Plains, located just north of the Jeddo Bridge. He will give the quest, that states that the shrine will rise when a single Arrow threads two rings.[1]


Most of the stones are aligned in a position so you purposely cannot shoot an arrow through multiple rings. However, there is one stone that is on a small plateau and if you face the Jeddo Bridge, you'll see a second stone. Aim slightly higher than the hole as the arrow will fall down a bit, depending on the type of bow you have. If you shoot a bow throw both arrows, the Sheem Dagoze Shrine will appear.

Sheem Dagoze Shrine

Main article: Sheem Dagoze Shrine

The Sheem Dagoze Shrine requires Link to step on floor switches, which will cause the ramps in the distance to change their orientation. By stepping on the two switches, Link needs to guide the Ancient Orbs down the ramps and into the pedestals at the bottom.



  1. When a single arrow threads two rings, the shrine will rise like birds on wings. - Kass