Playtime with Cottla

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Playtime with Cottla




Play a game with Cottla


Playtime with Cottla is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


From 11am until 4pm each day, Cottla can be found running around Kakariko Village. If Link chats with Cottla during this time, he can offer to play one of two games with her, which will start the Playtime with Cottla quest.


Link can choose to play either hide-and-seek or tag with Cottla. Successfully completing either game will complete the quest. If it goes beyond 5pm, Link will need to wait until the next day, as Cottla will head off to eat dinner.

If Link plays hide-and-seek, Cottla can be found hiding in one of several places throughout the village[1] Once she is located, Link must simply speak to her to complete the sidequest and earn his reward.[2], such as:

  • On the porch behind Lady Impa's Hall (main)
  • Behind the produce shop in between the shop and the deck next to it, under tall grass;
  • Next to the apple tree at the front of Ta'loh Naeg Shrine;
  • Behind a tree to the west entrance of the village;
  • Next to a shed close to the carrot patch.

If Link chooses to play tag, both he and Cottla will spawn in different parts of the village, and he must chase her down and speak to her in order to complete the minigame.[3][4]

The successful completion of either of the two minigames will earn Link a piece of Rock Salt[5], or, on occasion, Amber.[6]

You are able to replay either game to earn more of the same presents from Cottla.

Quest Description

Active Quest

Cottla runs carefree around the village. During the day, her sister is too busy with her cooking to have time to play. Cottla is more bored than ever now...

Completed Quest

Cottla used to be bored, but now you've given her a fine playmate.


  1. YAAAAY! I'll go hiiiide! But I've gotta go home to Sis when it's dinnertime, OK? - Cottla
  2. Boo! You found me! THAT WAS SO FUN, THOUGH! This is my secret treasure... But here, you can have it! - Cottla
  3. YAAAAY! I'll start running! - Cottla
  4. Boo! You caught me! - Cottla
  5. Crunchy crunchables! - Cottla
  6. Here, you can have this shiny thing! - Cottla