Lady Impa's Hall

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Lady Impa's Hall
Lady Paya's Hall
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Lady Impa's Hall in Breath of the Wild




(1776, -0984, 0123) (Tears of the Kingdom)



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Breath of the Wild
Champion's Tunic
Ancient Orb


Lady Impa's Hall[1] is a building in Kakariko Village from Breath of the Wild. With Impa's retirement and departure from the village in Tears of the Kingdom, it becomes Lady Paya's Hall.

Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, Impa's House is located on the western side of Kakariko Village. The house's residents are an elderly Impa and her granddaughter, Paya. The house is also guarded by two Sheikah warriors, Cado and Dorian. The house has two floors, with the bottom one being where Impa stays and the top one being Paya's bedroom.

Main Quests

Shrine Quests

Nearby Korok Seeds

Place an apple in the empty basket.

Place an apple in the empty basket.

Jump into the circle of lilies.

Jump into the circle of lilies.

Breath of the Wild Gallery

Tears of the Kingdom

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While Paya inherits the hall and role as Chief of Kakariko Village on Impa's sudden retirement, she is found in the hall only at night, attempting to stay awake to study. Dorian can be found inside during the day, complaining that Paya neglects her work as chief to study the Ring Ruins and other Zonai interests.

Paya's Diary of a Chief can be found on the desk in the upper floor room. The room also contains the Screen Depicting the Calamity seen frequently in Breath of the Wild, which Link needs to photograph for the Teach Me a Lesson I side quest, and one volume of Purah's Diary under the bed.