Teach Me a Lesson I

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Teach Me a Lesson I



Speak with Symin at the Hateno School


Take a picture of the Screen depicting the Calamity




Teach Me a Lesson I is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Speak with Symin at the Hateno School in Hateno Village.


  • To begin the quest, visit the Hateno School during the daytime when school is in session. Speak to Symin, the instructor, and he wants to teach the kids about the Calamity.
  • He tasks Link with visiting what was once Lady Impa's Hall in Kakariko Village to bring back an image of the screen depicting the calamity.
  • Head to Kakariko Village and enter what was once Lady Impa's Hall and is now Lady Paya's Hall. It is the large building at the west side of the village with the long staircase leading up to it.
  • Head upstairs and on one of the walls there is the Screen depicting the Calamity. Use the Purah Pad to take a picture of the screen.
  • Return to the school during the daytime and speak with Symin while class is in session. Talk to him and show him the picture you took. He will then talk to the kids about the Calamity, completing the quest. Symin will give Link 10 Hylian Rice as a reward.
  • Link can then talk to Symin again, who's next lesson is teaching kids how to use food to survive in a dangerous world. This will begin the Teach Me a Lesson II quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Symin's students didn't put much stock in the story of the Calamity. He thinks that if he could show them an elaborate picture of the screen depicting the Calamity, they would believe his history lesson.

The screen in question is kept at Paya's Hall in Kakariko Village.
Symin is pleased that the children believed his lesson after seeing the screen depicting the Calamity. He was able to finish his history lecture without further interruption.