The Abandoned Laborer

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The Abandoned Laborer





Get Mota out of the cave




The Abandoned Laborer is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Mota has been trapped in Death Mountain West Tunnel since the cart tracks over the lava went out. Link will need to send him flying out of the cave on a cart that can jump the gap.


Having Yunobo of Goron City is very useful for clearing the sediment in the tunnel. You will also need fireproofing protection in the tunnel, either via a Fireproof Elixir or the Flamebreaker Set.


  • Head to Death Mountain West Tunnel. Paraglide over the missing set of tracks or attach a rocket to one of the mine carts at the entrance to make it across. Talk to Mota to start the quest.
  • Grab the Mine Cart and place it on the rail. Then speak with Mota and get him to climb on board the cart.
  • At the back of the cave, Link can break the Marbled Rock sediment with Yunobo to find a large open room. Here there are Rockets and Fans buried in the ground.
  • Grab a Rocket and attach it directly to the back of the mine cart. If you don't have Yunobo yet, Link can just pull a rocket from his Zonai Devices in his inventory.
  • Activate the rocket and the cart will launch across the gap to the entrance of the cave.
  • Follow suit and speak with Mota, who will award Link with a Large Zonai Charge.


Adventure Log

Step Description
A laborer, Mota, got stranded in a cave after the track broke. He asked you to send him flying out of the cave on a cart.
The laborer, Mota, was stranded in a cave after the track broke, and you sent him flying back out of that cave on a cart.

He said he had a reward for you, so you'd better check with him after you make some room in your inventory.