Impa and the Geoglyphs

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Impa and the Geoglyphs



Speak with Cado at the Hyrule Forest Park




Impa and the Geoglyphs is a Main Quest found in Tears of the Kingdom.


  • Just east of Hyrule Castle, speak with Cado at the Hyrule Forest Park, who encourages Link to seek out and find Lady Impa. He mentions that Impa is investigating Geoglyphs and tells Link she can be found near the New Serenne Stable.
  • Impa can be found just northeast of New Serenne Stable, where she explains to Link about the Geoglyphs. They are best seen from the air, but her Hot-Air Balloon is broken. Use Ultrahand to connect the Balloon to the rest of the device to fix her Hot-Air Balloon. Then use the nearby Torch and Campfire to light a fire underneath the Hot-Air Balloon, sending it into the air.
  • From the air, Link and Impa get a good glimpse of the Geoglyph down below. Impa mentions that a Dragon's Tear can be found somewhere within the borders of the geoglyph and encourages Link to investigate.
  • Glide back down to the surface and search for the Dragon's Tear. It can be found in a small green circle, located at the north end of the Geoglyph. When Link draws near, he can examine it and it will trigger a cutscene of a Memory titled, Where Am I?. This will complete the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest.
  • Completing this quest immediately begins The Dragon's Tears main quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Cado told you that Impa is traveling Hyrule to see the so-called geoglyphs that have appeared across the land. He said she's at New Serenne Stable and that he's going there to join her.

If you meet her there, you may be able to get a cluse about Princess Zelda's whereabouts.
Impa was investigating a geoglyph near New Serenne Stable. She's frustrated because it's impossible to see the full picture from the ground.

If you fix the broken balloon she told you about, she might be able to get a bird's-eye view.
You hitched a ride on the balloon and saw the whole geoglyph from the air. According to Impa, hidden somewhere in the geoglyph is something called a Dragon's Tear.

Search the most likely spot to find it.
You found a pool in a geoglyph that was likely one of the Dragon's Tears. Upon touching it, you had a strange vision about Princess Zelda.

Impa believes that the Dragon's Tears are connected to the princess in some way. Go in search of every geoglyph to find more clues about what's happened to her.