The Duchess Who Disappeared

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The Duchess Who Disappeared
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Complete Tulin of Rito Village main quest


Speak with Russ at Selmie's Spot


Find Selmie the shield surfer, who has gone missing




The Duchess Who Disappeared is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


The Tulin of Rito Village main quest, including the Wind Temple must be completed, stopping the Blizzard.

Link must speak with Russ in the cabin that is Selmie's Spot Northwest of Hebra Peak.


The Duchess Who Disappeared can be found at Selmie's Spot, a snow-covered cabin, on the northwest side of the Hebra East Summit. Upon entering the cabin, Russ is surprised to see Link.[1] If Link hasn't unlocked the Rutafu-um Shrine already, now would be a good time. The entrance to Hebra Mountains Northwest Cave where the shrine is located is northwest from the cabin.

Link can find Fin standing next to a fire in the valley east of the Biron Snowshelf (-3516, 3102, 0316). Fin is peering up towards the Biron Snowshelf looking for Selmie. [2]

Just to the west, down in the slope next to where Fin is standing, is the entrance to the East Biron Snowshelf Cave. There is a thick breakable rock wall followed by a tunnel leading to where Selmie is waiting next to a fire. Speaking with Selmie reveals that she surfed into the cave to explore and there was a cave-in behind her, trapping her in the cave.[3] The cave tunnel continues downward to another nearby breakable rock wall. After clearing this rock wall out, Link can speak to Selmie again. She thanks him for opening the way out and requests he visits her at her cabin at Selmie's Spot. [4]

Selmie is now gone, and Link can either travel back or teleport to the Rutafu-um Shrine and Ascend right next to Selmie's Spot. Upon entering the cabin and speaking to Selmie, Fin, and Russ Link is thanked for finding and saving the life of Selmie.[5][6][7][8]If Link has no open shield slots, Selmie will ask that Link makes space for a shield she wishes to give him. [9][10] Selmie gives Link a Strong Zonaite Shield and takes him on as a student for shield surfing. [11][12][13]

Adventure Log

Step Description
Former pro shield surfer Selmie has gone missing after leaving her lodge to create a new shield-surfing course. Her student Russ says his buddy Fin is searching for Selmie on the Biron Snowshelf to the west.

Meet up with Fin there. You can find him by looking for his smoke signals.
Former pro shield surfer Selmie has gone missing after leaving her lodge to create a new shield-surfing course. Her student Fin is looking for her on the Biron Snowshelf and said that her shield-surfing tracks come to an end nearby.

Where could Selmie be?
While trying to develop a new course for shield surfing, Selmie went into a cave and found that she couldn't get back out through the entrance. She's trapped in the cave.

Find some way to get Selmie out.
You dug through the rocks deep inside the cave and created a way for Selmie to get out. She was able to return to her students and wants to thank you at her lodge. You should be able to find it northwest of Hebra Peak.

Look for the Bonfire she keeps burning in front of the lodge.
You went to Selmie's lodge in the vicinity of Hebra Peak, where Selmie offered a word of thanks and gave you a reward. She also accepted you as her third student and said to visit anytime you want to shield surf.


  1. Coach?! Oh... Hi, sorry. Thought ya were our coach, Selmie. Uh... Know her? Selmie used to be a shield surfer, real pro level. Went by the name "Duchess of Downhill." Heard of that maybe? Anyway, she's taken me and my best bud on as students, but then... It all started so good, ya see! She said she was going out to build out a new course on the slopes somewhere! But she's still not back. I'm worried sick. Me and my best bud Fin figured she'd gone to the Biron Snowshelf in the west. He set off to find her. I'm waiting here in case she comes back. But now... Fin hasn't come back either. It's been too long. Maybe he found her. Maybe not. I dunno. I've been watching for him to send up smoke signals. That way I'd go wherever he is. We'd help Coach from there. - Russ, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. Hey, you... Happen to bump into a Hylian named Selmie around here? I see, all right... So ya heard about Selmie going missing from Russ. Yeah, I still have no idea where Teach is. She used to be a pro shield surfer. So you'd think she could shred her way out of any situation up here. Now I think she might be in trouble. There were traces of shield surfing on a slope nearby. I followed those all over the place... The traces of surfing in the snow cut off around this area. Still, I haven't found her anywhere. I followed the track again and again, but no sign of Selmie. I had no choice for now but to stop looking. But I couldn't do nothing. I'm sendin' up a smoke signal now, hopin' she sees it if she's near here. I'm losin' hope though. It's been a long time that I've been at it. You'd think she'd have seen the smoke by now. Maybe, just maybe, the problem is she can't move, or maybe she's somewhere she can't see the smoke signal. - Fin, Tears of the Kingdom
  3. What?! I thought I'd never see anyone in here! Oh, I see... Yes, I am Selmie. Oh no... I've made my students worry about me? Guess I have been gone a long time. That terrible blizzard stopped, so I took advantage of the weather to go out and create a new course for my students. And then I found this cave-just surfed right into it on my shield. Can't blame an ol' shield surfer for exploring, right? I went in too far though, where the cave got all closed off. I couldn't climb back out the way I came in. Worse yet, I heard rocks falling back up at the entrance. Thought it'd collapse at some point. I was staaarting to think I'd be stuck back here forever, and no one would even be able to find the cave. But... if you're here, that means you can't get back out the same way either, right? With any luck, we can find a different path that goes outside. Other than that, though, we've got no hope of escape. - Selmie, Tears of the Kingdom
  4. Oh! The stones blocking the way! They've crumbled. I feel wind coming from outside somewhere! I'll live another day- free to surf the slopes under the bright sky! I've got nothing to give you now as thanks, but I've got an idea! Whenever you like, stop by my lodge in the northwest of Hebra Peak. We'll talk more then. You can always spot it from the bonfire out front. So watch for that if you decide to come find me. All right... I'd better head back so my students can stop worrying. Remember, find me at my lodge on the peak. - Selmie, Tears of the Kingdom
  5. Oh! I've been waiting for you. Thanks for coming all the way here. - Selmie, Tears of the Kingdom
  6. You saved Teach! Oh maaan, do we ever owe you one! - Fin, Tears of the Kingdom
  7. I'm SO stoked that Coach came back to us safe. Major respect from me, man. - Russ, Tears of the Kingdom
  8. Who knows what would have happened to me if you hadn't come along. I've got to admit, getting some shield surfing in aaall through that cave was pretty darn great. But I'll be staying away from there for a while, that's for sure. Since I'm the one that really owes you for what you did, I'll be the one to reward you. Here, take this. - Selmie, Tears of the Kingdom
  9. Well, I've got a shield for you that's kind of unusual. But your shield pouch is full. Make some space for it, yeah? - Selmie, Tears of the Kingdom
  10. So you made some space! Good. Now, please take this as thanks. - Selmie, Tears of the Kingdom
  11. I found that shield around some tones that- get this- fell from the sky! What a beautiful thought... that there could be shield surfers like us, way up there. I'll say it again... thank you for getting me out of the cave. Also, now that the blizzard's over, come back here anytime you feel like shield surfing with us. I wasn't going to take on a third student, not with these two keeping me busy, but for you, I'll make an exception. - Selmie, Tears of the Kingdom
  12. Welcome, buddy! We owe you big time anyway for rescuing Teach. - Fin, Tears of the Kingdom
  13. Yeah, see you on the slopes. Best way to learn! - Russ, Tears of the Kingdom