Meat for Meat

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Meat for Meat



Speak with Mezer at Bedrock Bistro


Bring Cooke a Marbled Rock Roast or Rock Roast




Meat for Meat is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Speak with Mezer who is speaking with Cooke. Mezer owes Cooke a Rock Roast or Marbled Rock Roast (depending on whether Yunobo of Goron City has been completed or not) and Cooke won't let him off the hook until he brings him one. Mezer tells Link that there are some roast in the West Restaurant Cave and the East Restaurant Cave, but he cannot retrieve any because he can't get past the lava.


Arrive at the Bedrock Bistro


TODO: Full walkthrough - where to find it, co-ordinates, etc

Adventure Log

Step Description
The restaurant's chef, Cooke, is angry with Mezer for not finishing his meal. He won't let Mezer leave until he brings more of the marbled rock roast ingredient that was wasted.

Cooke says that marbled rock roast can be found in the caves past the cart tracks.
You handed over the marbled rock roast, and Cooke finally appears to be in better spirits. As a token of gratitude, Mezer says he'd like to give you a large Zonai charge.

Make some room in your pouch and talk to him.
You handed over the marbled rock roast, and Cooke is in a better mood already. Now that Mezer is free to go, he's going to search for the rumored beast the stables are buzzing about.