The Oakle's Navel Cave Crystal

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The Oakle's Navel Cave Crystal
The Oakle's Navel Cave Crystal - TotK.jpg




Find the crystal in Oakle's Navel Cave and interact with it


Take the crystal to the Shrine of Light




The Oakle's Navel Cave Crystal is a Shrine Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


This is another of the Shrine Quests where Link must carry a crystal to a Shrine of Light in order to activate the shrine.

The shrine in question is Tokiy Shrine, in Oakle's Navel Cave, which is a "Rauru's Blessing" shrine with no challenges inside, only a chest with a Large Zonai Charge and the altar to receive the Light of Blessing.


  • This quest can be found in Oakle's Navel Cave, the entrance coordinates to which are (2505, -2101, 0009).
  • When you enter, you will find a crystal at (2449, -2190, -0028). Upon interacting with this crystal, Link can use Ultrahand or simply carry the crystal to the end of the cave.
  • A bit forward and to the left there will be a tunnel and to the right all the way down you'll find the shrine area.
  • Be wary of boulder traps. You can use Ultrahand to push them away.
  • Place the crystal at the shrine area to reveal Tokiy Shrine.

Adventure Log

Step Description
It seems that you can enter a Shrine of Light if you offer up a crystal. Follow the ray of light, and offer up the crystal at the shrine.
You offered up a crystal and can now enter the Shrine of Light hidden in Oakle's Navel Cave. Enter the shrine in order to acquire the Light of Blessing.