Gourmets Gone Missing

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Gourmets Gone Missing
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Speak to Penn at Riverside Stable


Give Agus and his company a Meat and Rice Bowl


Varies depending on how many Potential Princess Sightings! quests have been previously completed, see that article
Raw Gourmet Meat + Hylian Rice + Rock Salt



Gourmets Gone Missing is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


At Riverside Stable, Penn finds the local chef Gotter concerned about some guests, lead by a chef called Agus, who were meant to be bringing a recipe from Princess Zelda. After speaking to Penn, Link can speak to Gotter himself, who says the guests were meant to come over Owlan Bridge. However, he's been watching for ages, they're late, and he's worrying.

If Link follows the road over Owlan Bridge, he comes to Batrea Lake, where Agus, Teli, Joute and Endai are camped in the forest at lakeside, all sick. He can find Zelda's recipe for a Meat and Rice Bowl - Raw Meat, Hylian Rice and Rock Salt - in a book at the campsite, and if he cooks it and offers it to Agus, they eat it and all feel much better. Teli then lambasts Joute for feeding them Dubious Food by substituting monster parts for the raw meat, which is what made them sick.

Agus thanks Link, and replaces the ingredients he used, but with Raw Gourmet Meat instead of the basic raw meat. They then finally depart for Riverside Stable.

With the questions resolved, Link speaks to Penn, and Penn pays him for the story as normal.


Link must have spoken to Traysi and taken a freelance job for the Lucky Clover Gazette in the Potential Princess Sightings! Side Adventure. He must also have at least one each of Raw Meat, Hylian Rice and Rock Salt to cook the meal.


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Adventure Log

Step Description
The cook Gotter is worried about some regular guests who are overdue to arrive at the stable. He apparently had an appointment with them where they were going to share a recipe they had learned from Princess Zelda herself.
The group of gourmets, rejuvenated after eating a properly prepared meat and rice bowl, set off for Riverside Stable. Penn told you he would turn Zelda's recipe into a compelling article, then took off.