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Editor of the Lucky Clover Gazette



Breath of the Wild
Gerudo Town
East Barrens (The Champions' Ballad)
Tears of the Kingdom
Lucky Clover Gazette


Traysi is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Traysi is best known as the author of Rumor Mill, the publication that can be found at various parts of Hyrule that gives Link hints. Traysi can be found in Gerudo Town, where she spends her entire day speaking to Ploka, a Gerudo guard protecting the entrance to Riju's room. Traysi is speaking with Ploka in hopes to gather a bit of information, presumably for her Rumor Mill publication.[1] She's disappointed that Ploka won't even give her the time of day, especially after she spent so much time and was in danger, while traveling across the Gerudo Desert.[2]

Traysi will get a bit offended if Link has not heard of Rumor Mill.[3] Although she is relieved when Link says he has heard of the publication.[4] She is happy to meet Link and will tell him how much pride she takes with her work.[5]

Tears of the Kingdom

Sometime before the main events of Tears of the Kingdom, the Rito Stable could not remain open due to the perpetual blizzard affecting the area. Galli sold the Stable to Traysi, who turned it in the Lucky Clover Gazette. Traysi now works with Penn and Juannelle to find the most important and exciting news taking place across Hyrule, and distribute on newspapers for people to read.

Traysi can be found at the Lucky Clover Gazette, where she is busy and stressed trying to cover the events with Princess Zelda. She asks Link and Penn to work together as a team, traveling to every stable across Hyrule, gathering information about strange events that have taken place. This begins the Potential Princess Sightings! side adventure. If completed, Traysi will reward Link with a complete set of the Froggy Armor.



  1. What is it, ma'am? As you can see, I'm busy gathering information! - Traysi
  2. I'd heard this town was goin' through some tough times. I barely got away from that big thing in the desert... But after all the danger to get here, this soldier won't even give me the time of day, much less let me in! But I'm not giving up! - Traysi
  3. Ma'am... Don't tell me you don't know who I am? No way... You've never heard of Rumor Mill, either? - Traysi
  4. Phew, thank goodness! If you'd told me you'd never heard of Hyrule's most popular news publication, Rumor Mill... Well, I don't even know how I'd have taken that news! It woulda hurt, that's for sure! I'm Traysi herself, you know! - Traysi
  5. Hey now! Get that wishy-washy garbage out of here! Once more, with conviction! Truth is...I'm Traysi herself! From Rumor Mill! I suppose that works... Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading Rumor Mill! I take pride in my work! - Traysi