Who Goes There?

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Who Goes There?



Complete One of the Major Dungeons


Speak with Jerrin in the Emergency Shelter


Discover the Horned Statue




Who Goes There? is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


In order to trigger the start of this quest, Link will need to have completed one of the four major dungeons in the Overworld.


Speak with Jerrin down in the Emergency Shelter. While sweeping, she thinks her broom hit the wall and broke a hole in it. Ever since then, she seems to have heard a scary voice, which sounds like a demon's, coming from the wall. She is scared for her life and begins to say her goodbyes.

Link will then need to travel into the Royal Hidden Passage. Inside, Link will find the Horned Statue, which will in turn begin the A Deal With the Statue quest. After speaking with the Horned Statue, Link can return to Jerrin to tell her of his findings. Link will tell her of the Horned Statue. This illeviates her concerns and will reward Link with a Red Rupee.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Jerrin says that sometimes she hears a scary voice, like a demon's, coming from the opening in the wall.

She's afraid that she may have awakened a demon. This mystery seems worth looking into...
Beyond the hole in the wall, there appeared to be a hallway. You followed the voice and dug through some rock to find a horned statue. Go tell Jerrin the truth behind the voice she's been hearing.
You told Jerrin that the voice belonged to a horned statue. Now that Jerrin understands where the voice was coming from, she has returned to work.