Homegrown in Hateno

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Homegrown in Hateno
Homegrown In Hateno.png




Speak with Reede in Hateno Village.


Defend Reede's new pumpkins from monsters during night.


Sun Pumpkins and access to them in East Wind



Homegrown in Hateno is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


TODO: Prose description of quest circumstances and events


Complete The Mayoral Election.


  • Link will see Reede and Nack speaking to each other in Nack's new pumpkin farm, with Reede informing Link he has been doing research toward a new type of pumpkin.
  • Nack will inform Link that the pumpkins are almost ready for harvesting, but monsters keep destroying the crops before they're ready.
  • Reede will inform Link that they are in need of a bodyguard to watch over the crops and defend them, in which Link can let Reede know that he'll take the job, beginning the quest.
  • Reede will ask if you're ready to fight the monsters. Upon accepting, the game will shift to night and the fight with the monsters will begin.
  • After the fade to black, you must defend the crops from many stal monsters. A good way to clear this part of the quest easily is by using a few dazzlefruit when each group has finished spawning.
  • Upon defeating enough, the sun will rise and the pumpkins will have fully grown, in which Reede will decide on their new name, Sun Pumpkins. Reede will give Link 5 Sun Pumpkins and they will now begin to be sold in Hateno's general store, the East Wind.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Reede has been secretly developing Cece-brand vegetables. He's ready to start growing them in earnest, but monsters come at night to wreck his field. Work with Reede to protect the field so his vegetables can ripen.
Reede asked you to protect the field from monsters from the middle of the night until daybreak. As he's not a trained fighter, it's up to you to protect Reede and his field from monsters until daybreak.
Reede asked you to protect the field from monsters from the middle of the night until daybreak. You were forced to retreat on your last attempt, but you can try again to keep Reede and the field safe until daybreak.
You routed the monsters invading Reede's field, allowing the vegetables Reede worked so hard on developing to flourish. The vegetables, grown using Cece's principles of style and named sun pumpkins, will be sold as a true Hateno signature staple.