The Mysterious Eighth

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The Mysterious Eighth
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Speak to Rotana in the Gerudo Shelter room with the seven heroine statues


Recover the seven marked orbs and place them in the matching heroine statue's hands


6 × Hydromelon
Gold Rupee
Complete set of Gerudo weapons


The Mysterious Eighth is a Side Quest from Tears of the Kingdom.


When Link takes pictures of all the stelae - stone slabs with engraved writing - in the Gerudo Shelter for Rotana, she gets excited at the mention of an Eighth Heroine and runs to the room with the statues of the Seven Heroines. Link can take the orb she was guarding to the room, and place it in the hands of the statue with the matching symbol. Rotana then realises that all seven orbs must be placed to reveal whatever the secret is. With the Riju of Gerudo Town main quest complete, Link can feed splash fruit to Patricia to get the co-ordinates of the other six orbs. Rotana will give him a hydromelon for each one retrieved.

After all seven are placed, a room opens through the floor of the statue room, containing a larger, eighth orb. Link must use this to open the door of the Gerudo Sanctuary in the North Gerudo Ruins, where the Statue of the Eighth Heroine Room contains a stela revealing that the "Eighth Heroine" was a Hylian man who rallied the heroines in the face of defeat; but was still forbidden to enter Gerudo Town, after which he left in disgust. The room also contains a chest with a Gold Rupee, a complete set of Gerudo weapons (a Gerudo Bow, Gerudo Shield and decayed Gerudo Scimitar, Gerudo Claymore & Gerudo Spear) and three gems - a ruby, a sapphire and a topaz - all intended for the "Eighth Heroine".

When Link returns to Rotana, she becomes excited at the implications. She gives him a diamond and promises to credit him as a co-author of her archaeological paper.


Complete The Heroines' Secret.


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Talk to Rotana in the room that has near-human-scale statues of the Seven Heroines after completing 'The Heroines' Secret' side quest. She will request that you bring her 7 Orbs that can be found around Gerudo Town (except one). Each with symbols etched onto their surfaces. As you gather the orbs and bring them back into the room of the Seven Heroines (-3833 -2972 0031 - In order to get there, go past Ashai's classroom and turn right) you should match up the symbols on the orbs with the symbols on each of the Heroines' swords.

Orb Locations:

  • Gerudo Shelter:
    • There is an orb in front of the stelae that Rotana was standing in front of for the duration of 'The Heroines' Secret'.
    • Climb up the ladder in the sleeping area of the Gerudo Shelter and there will be an orb behind some rock salt and a topaz ( -3911 -2927 0037 )
    • Go into the brewery area in the Gerudo Shelter and an orb will be sitting among the bottles and pillows that litter the floor ( -3904 -2916 0030 )
  • Gerudo Town:
    • There is an orb in the storage area to the east of the front entrance to the town, the area which commonly holds weapons as well as storage containers ( -3783 -2898 0047 )
    • Climb up the wall behind the general stores on the south eastern side of the town and, on the rocky part of the roof, there is a sand pile that you can blow away to reveal an orb. ( -3800 -2969 0058 )
    • Dalia's Game: To the west of the front entrance to Gerudo Town, young vai Dalia has found an orb, and when you talk to her, you are told that she will only give it to you if you beat her challenge. She will bring you to the Gerudo Shelter and your goal is to find where Dalia has hidden her stuffed sand seal. You will be given a time limit of a minute and a half. After the timer starts, you can find her stuffed sand seal opposite the mural that Riju stood at during the main quest. ( -3912 -2995 0034 ) You will then be free to take the orb to Rotana.
  • Kara Kara Bazaar:
    • Lost in the Dunes: Go down the well at Kara Kara Bazaar and work your way through the network of caves until you find Ponthos trapped there. Once you have talked to him, he will leave and when you go back up to the surface, you can talk to the caravan party and they will give you an orb as a reward for rescuing their friend.

Once you have collected all of the orbs and placed them correctly, a hidden room will be revealed. Inside there will be a stone inscription to read. Afterwards, Rotana will instruct you to carry the giant orb to the north side of the gerudo ruins, which you can do using ultrahand.

Once you get there, there will be a hole that you drop the giant orb into. This will open up the gate into the Gerudo Sanctuary. Continue on to receive your reward.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Rotana has stayed behind to restore the spirits as described on the stelae. She believes the orb she gave you is one of these spirits, but she doesn't know where to find any of the other orbs. According to the stela, returning the spirits to the seven heroine statues will reveal the eighth.
Returning the spirits to the seven heroines' statues opened a path to a hidden room. You should inspect the room for any signs of the true history.
Inside the hidden room was a giant orb, which is the key to a sanctuary. According to Rotana, the Gerudo have an underground sanctuary beneath the North Gerudo Ruins. She asked you to carry the giant orb to the entrance of the sanctuary.
Setting the giant orb into the entrance to the underground chamber beneath the North Gerudo Ruins opened a locked door and revealed the path to the sanctuary. Is the secret of the eighth hidden somewhere within?
You discovered a stela deep within the sanctuary. Apparently, the eighth hero was a Hylian voe who saved Gerudo Town long ago. Return to Gerudo Town and let Rotana know of your findings.
You told Rotana about what you read on the stela deep within the sanctuary. She was excited to learn the truth about the eighth hero after so many years of it being shrouded in mystery. She insisted on listing you as a co-author in the full expedition report.