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Ponthos is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Ponthos lives at the Rito Stable and will wake up each morning at 5am.[1] He will head over to the Cooking Pot each morning, have something to the drink. He is always laughing and having a good time, purposely being vague as to what he's talking about.[2] Link can respond to him in a variety of ways, and Ponthos will have different remakes, based on Link's response.[3][4][5]

The main thing Ponthos tells to Link is about the cold temperatures of the Hebra Mountains. He once ventured there without the proper attire and it was freezing cold. He says it is cold enough that it can kill a person if he isn't prepared for the conditions.[6] In order to survive the Hebra Mountains, Link will need level two Cold Resistance, which he can get by purchasing the Snowquill Set at the Brazen Beak in Rito Village.

At 9pm each evening, Ponthos will head back to the stable, where he will spend the night.[7]



  1. Well, another day, another challenge! - Ponthos
  2. Gra ha! Well look who it is! So you're here to do that thing, right? You know what I'm talkin' 'bout! - Ponthos
  3. Oh, I'm wrong? I'm wrong! OK Gra ha hah!!! - Ponthos
  4. HUH? You actually understood what I was sayin'? You got some sorta sidekick powers or somethin'? - Ponthos
  5. Ice cold! - Ponthos
  6. Come on... You know! THE THING! Climbing the snowy mountains! I was confident I could handle the cold, so I didn't wear anything special, but the Hebra Mountains are REALLY cold! Like seriously cold! Cold enough to send you to your grave, I'd say! So be careful out there, yeah? GRA HA HA HA! - Ponthos
  7. Welp... I'm gonna get to sleep! - Ponthos