Gerudo Scimitar

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Gerudo Scimitar
Gerudo Scimitar - HWAoC icon.png
Icon from Age of Calamity



Used by

Base Power


Base Durability


Best Possible Bonus

+8 attack power
+12 durability


"This common sword is often carried by Gerudo women for self-defense. Its short, curved blade is easily recognized."

Breath of the Wild In-Game Description

The Gerudo Scimitar is a curved blade found in Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Gerudo Scimitars have a base power of 16, and can be found in various locations in the Gerudo Province. It is a short, curved sword which bears a red gem on the cross-guard, and is silver and gold in appearance.

The Gerudo Scimitars found in chests eventually turn into Moonlight Scimitars as the game progresses, so they can be only obtained in Gerudo Town and from various enemies in the desert.

Age of Calamity

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Gerudo Scimitars can be obtained for Urbosa's use. They are her lowest-level weapons, weaker than Moonlight Scimitars and the Scimitar of the Seven.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A decaying scimitar from the Gerudo region, it is designed for maximizing force. Attaching a material greatly enhances the material's power but doesn't add as much durability."

Tears of the Kingdom In-Game Description

As a result of the Upheaval, most Gerudo Scimitars found in the game are significantly decayed, now with a base power of 8. However, undecayed Gerudo Scimitars can be found in the Gerudo region of the Depths being held by the lingering spirits of Hyrule Soldiers atop numerous pedestals. These are distinguished by the name "Gerudo Scimitar✨" and have a base power of 17. Moonlight Scimitars are no longer present, having been removed entirely. A Gerudo Scimitar of any type is required to craft the Scimitar of the Seven.