Korok Leaf

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Korok Leaf

Base Power


Base Durability




Creating gusts of wind.


"A single swing of this giant, sturdy leaf can create a gust of wind strong enough to blow away light objects. These will sometimes fall off trees as they're chopped down."

— In-Game Description

The Korok Leaf is a weapon found in Breath of the Wild. It can create gusts of wind that will blow objects away. With a power of just 1, it is the weakest weapon in the game and should almost never be used to fight enemies. If used against smaller enemies, such as Bokoblin or ChuChu, the gust will push them back. Larger enemies such as Moblin will simply block when Link uses the Korok Leaf.

Its main purpose is to sail the many Rafts found throughout Hyrule. They are often times found near where Rafts are located. However, Link can acquire a Korok Leaf by chopping down a tree. When doing so, often times a Tree Branch or Korok Leaf is left for Link.

Link can hold down the attack button while the Korok Leaf is equipped, causing Link to charge an attack, which will give out a much larger gust of air. While on a Raft, this will cause the raft to move faster for a short period of time.

With a durability of 25, the Korok Leaf is fairly resilient for such a weak weapon. Furthermore, when Link uses the leaf to blow the sail of a raft, it will not effect its durability. Thus, Link can endlessly use the Korok Leaf to guide a raft.

Unlike the majority of Link's weapons, the Korok Leaf cannot be thrown. By Pressing the R button, Link will let out a large gust of wind. If Link wants to discard the weapon, he must go into his inventory and drop the weapon. Link can also lose the weapon if it catches on fire. As it is a leaf, it will burn and can be used as a torch for a brief period of time.