Giant Boomerang

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Giant Boomerang

Base Power





"This massive boomerang requires two hands. Originally used for hunting, it was modified for use as a weapon. The blades on the inner curves make it a bit tricky to wield."

— In-Game Description

The Giant Boomerang is a two handed weapon found in Breath of the Wild. It has a base power of 25, and can be found in various locations across Hyrule, including as a drop from Hinoxes. This weapon can be used as a sword, through means of melee attacks, but can also be thrown like a traditional boomerang. If it hits a solid object, it will lose all momentum and drop to the ground. In order to retrieve a boomerang after it has been thrown, the player must hit the A button as it nears Link. In the case of this not happening, it will keep going for a small distance and drop to the ground, where it can be picked up.