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"This two-wheeled vehicle is made of ancient materials. Similar to a horse, it can carry a rider quickly across the land. "

Creating a Champion, page 331
Master Cycle Zero
Link as seen riding the vehicle



Fast transportation


The Master Cycle Zero is an item that Link acquires in Breath of the Wild as part of The Champions' Ballad. It closely resembles a motorcycle, but is adorned in many Sheikah markings. It is the reward given for defeating Monk Maz Koshia, the boss of the final Divine Beast.

It functions as a Rune, that Link can summon when he so desires, with some exceptions. As with most vehicles, it consumes fuel as it is used, which comes in the form of Materials.


The Master Cycle Zero has a fuel gauge located above the standard Temperature and Sheikah Sensor gauges when summoned. It has several tick marks showing the fuel level at intervals every quarter of a tank and at empty and full. To refuel the bike, Link must add a combination of five various materials by holding them and interacting with the bike. Different materials fill the tank up by different amounts with the more common materials filling the fuel gauge up quicker, and a select few materials applying a 2x multiplier to the fuel worth which is stackable. For example, each piece of Wood added fills up 10% of the tank per piece, with five pieces filling up the tank halfway. If Link substitutes a piece of Wood for a Monster Extract, which is worth 1% of a tank plus a 2x modifier, the total amount of fuel added becomes 40% plus 1% , all multiplied by two, so 82% of the tank filled.

Fuel Values

Each material falls into a category of how much fuel a single material provides, as given by this comprehensive chart.

Fuel Value Materials Effects
10% Apple
Hylian Shroom
Blue Nightshade
Rock Salt
Bokoblin Horn
Bokoblin Fang
Bokoblin Guts
Moblin Horn
Moblin Fang
Lizalfos Horn
Lizalfos Talon
Keese Wing
Chuchu Jelly
Ancient Screw
Ancient Spring
Ancient Gear
Ancient Shaft
7.5% Palm Fruit
Spicy Pepper
Fleet-Lotus Seeds
Mighty Bananas
Hearty Truffle
Stamella Shroom
Endura Shroom
Silent Shroom
Hearty Radish
Hyrule Herb
Endura Carrot
Cool Safflina
Warm Safflina
Electric Safflina
Swift Violet
Mighty Thistle
Silent Princess
Raw Meat
Raw Prime Meat
Raw Bird Drumstick
Raw Bird Thigh
Hylian Rice
Bird Egg
Chickaloo Tree Nut
Hyrule Bass
Staminoka Bass
Mighty Carp
Sneaky River Snail
Razorclaw Crab
Ironshell Crab
Warm Darner
Restless Cricket
Hot-Footed Frog
Tireless Frog
Hightail Lizard
Sunset Firefly
Luminous Stone
Ice Keese Wing
Fire Keese Wing
Electric Keese Wing
Octorok Tentacle
Octorok Eyeball
Octo Balloon
Keese Eyeball
White Chuchu Jelly
Red Chuchu Jelly
Yellow Chuchu Jelly
Lizalfos Tail
Icy Lizalfos Tail
Red Lizalfos Tail
Yellow Lizalfos Tail
Moblin Guts
Hinox Toenail
Hinox Tooth
5% Hearty Durian
Big Hearty Truffle
Big Hearty Radish
Swift Carrot
Fortified Pumpkin
Courser Bee Honey
Tabantha Wheat
Raw Gourmet Meat
Raw Whole Bird
Cane Sugar
Fresh Milk
Goat Butter
Goron Spice
Armored Carp
Sanke Carp
Chillfin Trout
Voltfin Trout
Sizzlefin Trout
Stealthfin Trout
Mighty Porgy
Armored Porgy
Hearty Bass
Hearty Salmon
Hearty Blueshell Snail
Bright-Eyed Crab
Cold Darner
Electric Darner
Winterwing Butterfly
Summerwing Butterfly
Thunderwing Butterfly
Smotherwing Butterfly
Fireproof Lizard
Hearty Lizard
Molduga Fin
Molduga Guts
Hinox Guts
Lynel Hoof
Lynel Horn
Lynel Guts
2.5% Dinraal's Scale
Dinraal's Claw
Shard of Dinraal's Fang
Shard of Dinraal's Horn
Naydra's Scale
Naydra's Claw
Shard of Naydra's Fang
Shard of Naydra's Horn
Farosh's Scale
Farosh's Claw
Shard of Farosh's Fang
Shard of Farosh's Horn
Bladed Rhino Beetle
Rugged Rhino Beetle
Energetic Rhino Beetle
1% Fairy
Star Fragment
Monster Extract
Ancient Core
Giant Ancient Core
Add 2x multiplier stackable