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Stables are locations found all over Hyrule. In total there are 15 stables. They are found off the road and typically have a shrine nearby to make traveling to the stable easy. They are denoted by a tent topped with a giant patchwork horse head that is visible from some distance or higher climes.

Stables are the only locations where Link can register a Horse, board an already registered horse, or take out a registered horse to ride. Only wild horses and special horses, such as Epona, the Giant Horse, and the White Horse, may be registered at a stable. Up to five (5) horses may be registered. To register a new horse once the limit has been reached, one must be set free.

Registering a horse costs 20 Rupees, which pays for the boarding fee and the cost of a saddle and bridle. Once a horse has been registered, Link is able to give it a name (with the exception of Epona, who is already named) and review the horse's stats. Registration also enables Link to whistle for his horse if it is within hearing distance, and the horse's location can be tracked on the world map.

Horses may be taken out from or boarded at any stable, regardless of where they were registered. Only one horse may be taken out at a time. If Link already has a horse taken out, the stable will collect that horse before giving Link his requested horse. Some stables also offer the option to change gear or mane styles, though not every horse will tolerate such changes being made.

Additionally, stables are excellent places to find resources. Many stables have weapons or shields, Wood, various mushrooms and plants, as well as livestock such as Cuccos, available for Link to take or use. Every stable also has a cook pot and often times, a recipe for a meal or elixir can be found hanging inside the stable. Beds are also available for Link to rent for the night if he needs to recover hearts.

Stable Residents and Visitors

Stables are a common gathering place for traveling merchants, wanderers, and local residents. Beedle is a common sight at the stables and is most frequently selling arrows and elixir ingredients, though he will also sell cooking materials on occasion. Other wandering merchants can be met at stables, and a few even have local residents who will purchase or exchange materials for other materials or rupees.

Side quests are common to find when speaking to individuals at stables, and the occasional shrine quest may also be found. Stables are also a popular location for Traysi's gossip and news series, the Rumor Mill, which provides insight into some of the more obscure parts of Hyrule.

The Rito singer Kass can be found at several of the stables, where he will sing about the history of Hyrule when asked.

Pikango, a well-traveled painter, can also be found at various stables. He will give Link information about the locations in the photos given to him by Impa to assist with recovering his memories. Once all the memories have been recovered Pikango is no longer found at the stables, but instead stays at Kakariko Village.

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